Liquid Light Meditation

Liquid Light Meditation

Feel your breath moving in and out of your body. Feel the earth beneath you. Feel the sky above you. Feel the movement of your energy dancing in and around you, keeping time with your breath. Now with each inhalation ask for Divine blessing and favor. Ask for guidance and purification. Ask for protection and clarity. Ask for courage to see that which is even as it dreams itself around that which is not. And with each exhalation offer your blessings to all the Mother’s children. Now use your left hand to gently touch each chakra point. Move your left hand to your root and breathe in gently. Move to your sacral and breathe out gently. Then move your left hand to your solar plexus and breathe in again. Now move your hand to your heart and exhale. Then to your throat and inhale. Now to your third eye and exhale. Now place your left hand on your crown and inhale a great breath. Now touch your navel and rotate counterclockwise for seven turns, asking your body to be solid and strong as you travel.

Now feel yourself as Light, each part of you become more and more liquid. Feel your edges soften as if freed from the strictures of a solid shape. Feel your Light as it moves in and out of form with the rhythm of music. Feel yourself as liquid Light that shifts and plays with the substance of Creation. Dance in this a moment. Feel your liquid body. Your fingers are drops of Light. Your eyes are pools of Light. Feel the fluidity of your insides as they shape themselves into realms of imagining. Now fully feel this state of liquid being. Touch your left thumb to the middle finger of your left hand. Anchor this state of being now. Hold it now. When you release this position you will fall back into solid form. Practice opening and closing this state. Practice shifting from liquid to solid and back again by closing and opening your fingertips. You will carry this state with you for practice later.      

Liquid Light (part 2)

The liquid state of light is exemplified by the four mutable astrological signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Gemini is the Twins. They are the monad from which duality is born and so hold all possibilities within their embrace. They are the balance of two within one, the male and female aspects of one Soul, and carry the power of the sacred Twins who are song and dance, Light and movement, particles and waves, embodied in the two who are One. And so the airy twins are adaptable, changeable, and, ruled by Mercury who manifests as both childish trickster-thief and ancient keeper of occult wisdom, Gemini has a remarkable spontaneity and quickness that seems breathtaking and dramatic. Virgo is the lady of the harvest and priestess of the earth Mother. Ruled by Chiron1, the wounded healer-priest, she follows the rhythms of her own wounds to determine the medicines that others may use to heal themselves. As the virgin she is autonomous and complete unto herself yet those within her embrace are cleansed, nourished, and warmed. Virgo is the servant-queen who offers food for body and soul to the weary travelers who stumble into her heart. Sagittarius is the archer who sends his fiery arrows from the darkest winter into the heat of the Stars. He is the centaur who reaches beyond his animalistic instincts to explore uncharted territories as guide to those who would explore the world as travelers to exotic lands and philosophies. Yet while he fixes his eyes on the skies beyond he is tethered to his horse-body and draws from the powerful fortitude of his physicality. He is the perfect blend of strength and intellect with the driving instinct to explore the realms beyond the ordinary. Pisces is the fish who surrenders himself to mystical union with the All. He is the dreamer, the mystic, the sacrifice who becomes whole when he gives up everything. He is the end of all things who drowns in the original ocean from which he was once born only to realize water cannot kill him. Mystic, madman, and saint. Ruled by Neptune, the great god of the Sea, Pisces absorbs everything, dreams everything, and is everything. He is the mystic who finds Truth by losing himself.

Individuals with a great number of planets in these signs tend to be aligned with the liquid state.2 Mutability indicates natural gifts for dreaming, empathic linking, translation or “mediumship,” astral travel, and journeying. A drawback of too much mutability can be a generalized discomfort within the physical body. When one is adept at walking realms in liquid forms it can sometimes be uncomfortable to fully inhabit the temple. However that cannot be an excuse to neglect the temple body since we are meant to masterful navigators of all the states of light. While the heart is the connecting point of all consciousness the navel is the one point that keeps our bodies: temple, shifter, and glowing, linked together. The navel is where the Soul entered the physical body and where all our aspects and lifetimes link. When you feel disconnected, out of “phase”, or drifting from your body rub your navel a few times in a clockwise direction to pull your forms together and link back to your physical self.

1Reiki 1 p. ______

2My ascendent, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, north node, and midheaven are all mutable so I have as many mutable placements as cardinal and fixed combined. This manifests as flexibility in most circumstances but also a tendency to bend too far. Such extreme liquidity potentially allows others to fit me into the vessel they think most appropriate, which can be a danger if I do not define myself well enough. 

Liquid Light (part 1)

The second Reiki atttunement focuses on the liquid state of matter, the shifter body. In Reiki 1 we learned the gifts of solid light in exploration of the temple (physical) body. Liquid light is very different and much more than just melted solid light. Rather it is a clarified mutability that allows us to shift in and out of form(less)ness. When we dream, journey, shift, travel, or walk the inner planes we experience ourselves in liquidity. The adept is willing and able to shift between the states of light (solid to liquid to auric) at any given time. This flexibility is the natural role of the realm-walker or shaman who navigates the many realms of Light on behalf of self and tribe or hive.1

The realm-walker is one who has balanced night and day within herself and is therefore at ease in the betwixt and betweens of existence. The realm-walker Whole embraces twilight to shift to and from the three states of matter in a blink of the heart. The realms of Light are the many layers of existence seen and unseen. This solid realm is one. The so-called astral plane is close to the physical realm and can feel similar to the consensual reality bubble. It is populated by those who are existing now and those who have existed before (and later) in the physical realm. It is densely populated by thought forms so there can be very bright, kind forms and very dark, twisted thought forms. It is very linked to the human group mind and has a soupy quality for those who are not used to traveling it. When humans sleep they oftentimes create spaces within the astral realm for their dream pockets making it a very thick place! But it is very swimmable with an intentional level of awareness. Every dream within the human group heart presents a possible realm and so the Dreamscapes are often doorways into other realms. The archetypal and mythic and ancestral and so on and on are realms of Light, which may be navigable by the aware.

When we dream, meditate, journey, or travel we can shift our form to explore different aspects of ourselves within these many realms of Light. We may become birds, animals, age to seem elderly or make ourselves appear younger, change races, grow large or small. The student of liquid light works with deep awareness of the dreaming self. This awareness teaches us much about our own natures and allows us to bring more of our big Selves into solid form.

1I once had a dream in which a Woman said : “humanity has forgotten it’s a hive.” The perception of separation and egoic individualism has divorced us from the natural connections and easy roles that exist between us naturally.

Solid Light Meditation



Let us take a walk through our bodies. Remember imagination is the key into our sibling realms. Allow your imagination to act and it will guide you deeper into yourself. Do not try to censure your imagination or you will be chasing wild horses through the houses of your mind. We wish for your imagination to run free and carry you as an ally, not as an unruly child you have to control. So honor deeply any musings, images, and sensations you experience. Now is not the time for an edit button!

Inhale deeply, allowing the breath to undo the tension in your body. Breath is the seventh element, the mystery of Life and the animating force of the universe. It is unformed yet infuses all of form with music and dance, with light and movement. It is far beyond any individual experience and yet we all partake of it with each and every bit of our being and in each and every moment of our lives. So breathe deeply allowing the belly to move in and out, filling your lungs completely, and as you do imagine the breath releasing joy into your body, flooding your body with the joy of partaking in the nourishment of the Divine and the breath of Heaven itself. Enjoy this for a moment or two. Breathing in and out. Experiencing. Being.

Now allow yourself to feel where you are. Feel where your body touches your seat. Feel your clothes against your skin. Feel the air touch your face. Allow the sensations of living to echo inside your form and eventually you will feel connected deeply to your own self. As you do so your breathing will slow even more and become deeper, more soul-filled. Your body, this solid body, is a temple for your Soul. It was designed to nourish your Soul and is literally fed by the Light of your Star-self. Your body, this solid body, is meant to be celebrated and Loved. So often we think of the physical body as imperfect and a nuisance. It is no wonder the body becomes diseased and disconnected from its power when we are constantly criticizing it! When we truly love our bodies they become magnifi- cent sensors of all levels of reality.

So starting at your feet allow yourself to feel every part of you. Walk through your feet feeling for anything. Tingling, coolness, warmth, tension, relaxation.


Do not judge, but notice. Notice where you feel wide open and where you feel more closed. Notice and breathe deeply. Move up your legs feeling, feeling. Move into your pelvis and sexual organs feeling for any particular blocks. Move up through your digestive system and your abdomen, paying careful attention and breathing deeply. And up into your rib-cage where your heart and lungs live and feel them expanding and pulsing with life. Pay attention to how they feel. To what they say via the sensations they emit. Now move up through your neck and down your arms and into your hands and fingertips. Notice and breathe. Now move into your head, your jaw, eyes, ears. Feel. Notice.

Now ask your body where you need healing. And allow it to answer with a pulsing or constriction or an echo of pain. And in response to that answer, honor your body by breathing Light into that place. All the parts of your body will
sing healing to each part of you that needs it. Remember all things are perfectly balanced in their Whole state. So allow your body to sing itself into homeostasis. Allow the vital Light of the body to rain healing onto the parts that need help re- membering their beauty, their power, their temple-status. As you do so, feel your- self releasing pain, leaks, and blocks that may be draining your Light and seal those places with a kiss. Then feel where you have left hooks in others and pull those back, sealing those places with a kiss. Finally allow yourself to breathe one, two, three times deeply. With each of these three breaths let your aura body expand out until it is at its most comfortable diameter around you. One, expand. Two, expand. Three, expand. Then with one more deep, soul-full breath sprinkle your aura with a sealant of Light, allowing it to take whatever colors are most natural to you. When you open your eyes you are cleansed and protected. 

The Solid State of Light

The first level of Reiki focuses on the solid state of matter, which is the physical or temple body. In order to share Reiki with others we must be very aware of our own bodies. The first attunement level lifts our awareness from the mundane understanding of the body as its basic physiological functions and mechanistic anatomy to the acceptance that we are Light embodied in solid form. Our Mother as solid Light is the

Earth herself and we as solid Light are our physical Earthy existence. Solid light (fixed) is naturally very in-tune with the body and brings an innate understanding of how to heal oneself from the inside-out. This sort of Light intuitively understands the workings of sensation in the body. Mastery of solid light helps us become great diagnosticians and healers from the inside-out.

The fixed astrological signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquari- us. Taurus, the bull, is solid Earth. She is the bounty of nature and the sensuality of all things physical.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of Love and earthy femininity. She is the sacred cow who is protected at
all costs because she is love incarnate and makes life worth living.

Leo, the lion, is solid fire. Leo is celebration of the great I, the individual ego exalted and brought into creative service to the All. He is ruled by the Sun himself with his all-seeing eye and tireless enthusiasm. He is kind and benevolent and knows his power is born not from prideful hubris but rather from sincere, and equally balanced, celebration of his own whol-
ly unique glory and the brilliant magnificence of others.

Scorpio, the dragon, is solid water. Scorpio lives in the dangerous depths of emotional realities that those more timid may never touch. The dragon is a creature of caves who rises to soar the skies. Scorpio guards the deepest secrets and woe to the uninitiated who stumbles into his lair. Scorpio is ruled
by Pluto who is the god of death, the underworld, and wealth. No mortal can avoid him and wisdom is gained by confronting him before there is no choice and we must face him in the dark.

Aquarius, the water bearer, is solid air. Aquarius is humanity exalted, who carries the gift of water (cleansed emotion)1 to the All. Aquarius listens for voices beyond the humdrum of daily noise and translates them for the whole. Visionary, prophet, and humanitarian Aquarius defies the rules and brings the gifts of enlightenment to the uninitiated and pours holy water over the heads
of those below. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the quirky eccentric, the unpredictable. Aquarius navigates the group mind and rules the arts of Knowing.

Individuals with a significant number of planets in these fixed signs may find this first level very natural and comfortable. They have the ability for deep understanding of solid reality, density, and the magic in form. Gifts of the solid (fixed) Light are self-healing, medical intuition, diagnostics, and an understanding of physical mechanisms, anatomy, nutrition, and the science of bodily energy.

The States of Light (part 2)

There is a Hermetic2 law that says: As above, so below. The laws that rule the Heavens are the same laws that rule the Earth so the macro- cosm is reflected in the microcosm. This law informs the astrological arts in which the night sky at the moment of birth becomes the map of the in- dividual life. We extend this law to say: As within, so without. The natu- ral world offers a template for our inner worlds. Nature is reflected inside ourselves and our interior is viewable externally in the world around us. Everything we experience outside is reflected inside. This approach is very simple and we do not have to stretch too far to understand. We come closer to our natural instincts and heal.

Nature offers us templates to understand our natures.3 Stone, like our bones, is the skeletal structure of the earth that supports her form and maintains memory. The waters of the Earth, oceans, rivers, and lakes, are her circulatory system that wash, cleanse, and purify her emotions just as our own rivers of blood do as they flow through us. The Sun shines
his benevolent rays to celebrate his own existence just as our inner sun generates heat and digestive warmth through the body, stimulating our en- ergy and provoking internal processes. The Green of the Earth: the trees, grasses, plants, and surface dwellers, communicate through their root systems and speak through their leaves, connecting and sharing nourish- ment through the soil just as our Hearts link together in intricate interper- sonal and empathic connections that nourish and support us. The Earth’s Mists are the sounds carried on the winds, the voice of all of Creation. The microcosmic Mist is our voices, the exhalation of Breath that passes our unique Songs into the world via the sound of our own names. We are

made of Light and animated by Breath. We are tied together by our very substance.

Observation shows us there are three phases of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Ice, water and steam. Theology offers the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Psychology has id, ego, and super-ego. Holistic healing teaches harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga balances the three gunas.4 The riddle of the Sphinx teaches us the stages of life are childhood, adulthood, and old age.5 Like the rest of nature we exist in tripartite ways with three phases.

Astrology follows this pattern and breaks us down into three states of matter: fixed, mutable, and cardinal. The astrological chart, our per- sonal navigation map of the stars, tells us what our elemental and chemi- cal make-up is and whispers the secrets of our personal mechanisms as a guide to a healthy journey through life. It can also point to which element and state of matter is our most “natural” and illuminate what gifts may be easier and where we may need to develop more energy and focus. Find a chart for your birth. You will need to know your day, time, and place of birth.

The States of Light (Part 1)

We are children of the Divine parents. Our Mother is the Light who wove us into form and our Father is the Breath who animated us with his kiss. While it is not necessary to accept this in a literal or theological way it offers a mythic framework from which to understand existence. Parental relationships are familiar and though often wrought with insecurities and issues we all came into this world from parents in some way. It is an easy transition from physical parents to knowing the primary forces of the Universe as parents. Maia, Ma, Mary, all are names of the Mother of Manifestation. Abba, Papa, Da, all are names for the Father and they all point to the pre-existent archetypes1 who are the parents of the First Born.

There is no dogma nor creed to which one must ascribe to open this path since all paths lead to the All. The particular framework, metaphor, or spiritual understanding offered here is organic, practical, and change- able with the seasons. The pathway weaves through us, tumbling our understandings to wisdom as we walk the labyrinth of our lives.

All is Love. Our Mother is She who shares her Light and our Father is He who shares his Breath. They are closer to us than anything could be because they are us. That is not to say we are little megalomaniacs running around hollering about how we are God but that we are literally made from the substance of our Divine parents. This is not merely mystical or allegorical. It is actual. The sooner we realize this (know it in our very cells) the sooner we grow into full participants in cosmic adulthood. And that’s where we are headed.

There cannot be Father without Mother nor Mother without Father. They are equal forces in all ways. Only those who manipulate power structures pretend to a toxic hierarchy of gender Divinity. The Taoist sacred symbol of the yin-yang dances before us, reminding us of ancient truths. The Parents wrap around one another, taking the essence of the Other inside. They are one being with two essences or two beings with one essence. Neither is superior and their brilliance is in perfect balance. The yin is receptive, dark, cool, wet, and deep. The yang is thrusting, bright, hot, and dry. All creation is born from the blending of these two primary forces. All energy is sexual. It is breath into light (matter) and light exhaling breath in a manner that is completely and intricately synchronized. It is the eternal kiss. We as individuals are a balance of yin and yang, Light and Breath. And when we interact with others it is in a constant dance of these same primal energies.