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Sphere Code of Ethics

for healers, empaths, intuitives, students, and studio space keepers

  1. Every session is a prayer. We do not enter into a healing space from the desire to “fix” another person but rather to create a space where Grace may enter and deep authentic healing begin. When we touch another person they allow us into their sacred space, which must be entered with humility and compassion.

  2. Do No Harm. Maintain awareness of our guest’s entire system before we act. Be certain the herb you recommend will not conflict with medication and the oils contain no known allergens. The Hippocratic Corpus insists healers “do good or do no harm.” Most physicians take an oath to operate ethically, avoid wrong-doing, improper prescriptions, unnecessary surgeries, scandalous behavior, and the taking of life. While energy healers do not have an institutionalized oath the dangers from irresponsible or abusive subtle energy work can be quite damaging.

  3. All Healing is Self-Healing. We recognize that we do not heal others but offer them the benefit of our experience, insight, and cultivated tools to heal themselves.

  4. Respect boundaries. It is never our right to push beyond another person’s comfort level. Even if we believe we know what is best for them we must allow for their own path to unfold without imposing our will. This is true for someone’s physical boundaries as well as their inner emotional lives. We must also respect our own boundaries. When we feel as if we are doing backflips to please another we must step back and reassess. It is never appropriate to bend further than we are comfortable.

  5. Shadow work. It is of the utmost importance that we each know our personal dark side (and we all have one). If we are not working our shadow then it is working us. This may not always be the most fun but it is how we integrate the less pleasant sides of ourselves and turn them to Service. Even the shadow can be turned to serve the Light.

  6. All paths lead to the All. It is not our place to judge another being’s path. However, we do not endorse behaviors that jeopardize our own integrity nor allow those behaviors in our personal spaces.

  7. Be aware of sexual energy. Sexuality is a wonderful and sacred thing to be explored between consenting adults. In healing work there may be euphoric sharing of energy that may seem sexual to the uninitiated. This must be carefully navigated and never used as a tool of seduction. The guest receiving healing is often in a vulnerable state and so the healer is responsible for maintaing awareness and eliminating confusion.

  8. The law of Balance. It is appropriate to require payment of some sort for healing. If we do not show we value our work neither will those we serve. The skills and gifts we cultivate are valuable and must be treated that way. When we do not allow our guests to honor our work we create a karmic imbalance that also creates an indebtedness in the guest and reinforces a disempowered state in them.

  9. Respect for other healers. There are many different types of healers and no one has all the answers. Maintain proper respect for others on the path even when methods diverge. Within Sphere it is never appropriate to disparage a fellow healer nor to solicit from their personal guests. Nor is it appropriate to claim credit for another’s ideas and work. We are here to lovingly support each other and grow together as individuals within the group Heart.

  10. No one has all the answers. Our job is to empower those who come to us for any kind of healing. We are to point them to their own answers rather than subtly shift their power to us. If we feel they are abdicating their personal responsibility then we must reassess roles.

  11. Remember Chiron. Chiron is the patron of (wounded) healers. Consistently inventory why you choose to work in the healing arts and how it is fueling you. And remember to maintain proper self-care. When we are operating from a “broken” place our benefit to others is diminished and potentially becomes destructive.