Stone & Bone (Part 10) – The Family Tree

Meditation: The Family Tree

Allow yourself to fall into a relaxed state. Feel where your body touches the floor and imagine you are in a great forest. You are seated in a virgin forest in which the canopy of trees covers your head and your heartbeat blends in with the sound of birds and the scurrying of animals. Every breath is fresh and the air tastes like purity. You are in a place that has never heard the sound of car horns. It has never tasted the flavor of exhaust or felt concrete poured over its tannin-scented floor. It is ancient, complete, and absolute in of itself and with each breath you take you become more and more a part of it. This primordial forest is the home of the Mother tree. The tree from which all our lineages are born. The Mother tree whose heart-mind nourishes and feeds all other trees in this cycle, in this existence. Know that She, the Mother tree, is near, with a voice that speaks through every leaf and nourishes through every root.

Now imagine a tree that is near you. A tree that speaks to you in a language your Soul instinctively knows. This tree speaks to you by calling your own Soul’s name and says: “I know you. I love you. I am you.” Then lean into this tree. Feel yourself drawn closer, embraced in the bark of this generous, loving Creation that breathes out the most delicious flavor of oxygen you have ever imagined for you to inhale. Feel the oldness of its bark and the softness of its leaves. Feel the voice of this tree wrap you up in its soothing songs. This is your family tree. This is the tree that nourishes your roots, your waters, since its original birth from the Mother tree herself. Now feel yourself as a part of this tree. Perhaps you are a piece of bark. Perhaps you are a leaf that turns with the winds. Perhaps you are a branch holding up smaller limbs. Perhaps you are all of these things. One with the Great Tree that is your family. Perhaps you will see other family members there. Your parents, siblings, children. Perhaps you will see family members from other places, other lifetimes. Perhaps you will feel your own essence in other forms. Know that you are One with the Great Tree that is humanity. Now feel yourself inhaling the essence of the Tree and with each exhalation make an offering to your Family Tree. Make an offering of Love, of compassion, of allowingness for each and every part of this tree. Know that you ARE each and every part of this tree. And as you exhale Love, compassion, and allowingness, feel the Tree grow stronger. Feel the roots deepen and brighten with Light. Feel the song of the Tree grow more resonant, more Soul-full, more joyous. And with each inhalation accept the blessings of the Tree itself. Accept the gratitude of your Family Tree as your love, your compassion, and your blessings, make its leaves more vibrant, its soil more fertile, and its limbs stronger.  

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

Stone & Bone (Part 9) – Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing Protocol

A basic exercise for ancestral healing follows. It begins by connecting to the bones of the Earth. Feel this deeply and completely, holding a Stone in your hand. Then connect to your own bones. Feel them within you, alive and bright. Treat your family as if they were distant ancestors and treat yourself as if she were a distant ancestor. It is important you let yourself feel removed from those who are too close. You may feel deeply and profoundly wish to make changes within your family but this is hard when emotions are too close. We must learn to sift between our own voices and the ancestral voices within. So we must connect to our true ancestors and disconnect from them at the same time.

  1. Connect to the bones of the Earth by feeling the Stone.
  2. Connect to your own bones to feel the resonance.
  3. Introduce yourself to your ancestors. Remember as you learn to hear the voices of your ancestors, you also learn your own voice. This is most important.
  4. Allow the ancestors the chance to speak through journaling an “imagined” conversation, divination such as tarot or runes, or simple impressions.
  5. Make an altar to your ancestors. Put what you feel appropriate on the altar and epoch your history. Photos of yourself and your family, especially with anyone with whom you need to feel healing, should be used. Include slips of papers, notes, and honest offerings.
  6. Call on your ancestors to help heal your family line. Tell them you will make yourself an object of healing (and as such, a healer) as an offering. Being such a vessel is powerful and sometimes intense. It implies deep acceptance of role as healer and healed. Remember the only healing is self-healing so we cannot be responsible for the healing of anyone else, even family. Make this offering, burn a light blue candle as a dedication, and lift the veil between your ancient ones and present self.
  7. Begin a forgiveness of self exercise. Many times a day say: “I forgive myself and my ancestors for all things done and undone.” This is something small but very powerful. It is important you imprint this on your very Soul. If you make this about your ancestors in the distant past who are now your allies, you will inevitably assist the healing of closer family (parents and siblings) as well. You will heal from both ends of the lineage.
  8. Choose a stone with the desire to do ancestral healing. This stone becomes ally and partner. Keep the stone on the altar when not communing with it directly. Sleep with it when you can. Hold it close and know you are loved.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

Liquid Light Meditation

Liquid Light Meditation

Feel your breath moving in and out of your body. Feel the earth beneath you. Feel the sky above you. Feel the movement of your energy dancing in and around you, keeping time with your breath. Now with each inhalation ask for Divine blessing and favor. Ask for guidance and purification. Ask for protection and clarity. Ask for courage to see that which is even as it dreams itself around that which is not. And with each exhalation offer your blessings to all the Mother’s children. Now use your left hand to gently touch each chakra point. Move your left hand to your root and breathe in gently. Move to your sacral and breathe out gently. Then move your left hand to your solar plexus and breathe in again. Now move your hand to your heart and exhale. Then to your throat and inhale. Now to your third eye and exhale. Now place your left hand on your crown and inhale a great breath. Now touch your navel and rotate counterclockwise for seven turns, asking your body to be solid and strong as you travel.

Now feel yourself as Light, each part of you become more and more liquid. Feel your edges soften as if freed from the strictures of a solid shape. Feel your Light as it moves in and out of form with the rhythm of music. Feel yourself as liquid Light that shifts and plays with the substance of Creation. Dance in this a moment. Feel your liquid body. Your fingers are drops of Light. Your eyes are pools of Light. Feel the fluidity of your insides as they shape themselves into realms of imagining. Now fully feel this state of liquid being. Touch your left thumb to the middle finger of your left hand. Anchor this state of being now. Hold it now. When you release this position you will fall back into solid form. Practice opening and closing this state. Practice shifting from liquid to solid and back again by closing and opening your fingertips. You will carry this state with you for practice later.      

Solid Light Meditation



Let us take a walk through our bodies. Remember imagination is the key into our sibling realms. Allow your imagination to act and it will guide you deeper into yourself. Do not try to censure your imagination or you will be chasing wild horses through the houses of your mind. We wish for your imagination to run free and carry you as an ally, not as an unruly child you have to control. So honor deeply any musings, images, and sensations you experience. Now is not the time for an edit button!

Inhale deeply, allowing the breath to undo the tension in your body. Breath is the seventh element, the mystery of Life and the animating force of the universe. It is unformed yet infuses all of form with music and dance, with light and movement. It is far beyond any individual experience and yet we all partake of it with each and every bit of our being and in each and every moment of our lives. So breathe deeply allowing the belly to move in and out, filling your lungs completely, and as you do imagine the breath releasing joy into your body, flooding your body with the joy of partaking in the nourishment of the Divine and the breath of Heaven itself. Enjoy this for a moment or two. Breathing in and out. Experiencing. Being.

Now allow yourself to feel where you are. Feel where your body touches your seat. Feel your clothes against your skin. Feel the air touch your face. Allow the sensations of living to echo inside your form and eventually you will feel connected deeply to your own self. As you do so your breathing will slow even more and become deeper, more soul-filled. Your body, this solid body, is a temple for your Soul. It was designed to nourish your Soul and is literally fed by the Light of your Star-self. Your body, this solid body, is meant to be celebrated and Loved. So often we think of the physical body as imperfect and a nuisance. It is no wonder the body becomes diseased and disconnected from its power when we are constantly criticizing it! When we truly love our bodies they become magnifi- cent sensors of all levels of reality.

So starting at your feet allow yourself to feel every part of you. Walk through your feet feeling for anything. Tingling, coolness, warmth, tension, relaxation.


Do not judge, but notice. Notice where you feel wide open and where you feel more closed. Notice and breathe deeply. Move up your legs feeling, feeling. Move into your pelvis and sexual organs feeling for any particular blocks. Move up through your digestive system and your abdomen, paying careful attention and breathing deeply. And up into your rib-cage where your heart and lungs live and feel them expanding and pulsing with life. Pay attention to how they feel. To what they say via the sensations they emit. Now move up through your neck and down your arms and into your hands and fingertips. Notice and breathe. Now move into your head, your jaw, eyes, ears. Feel. Notice.

Now ask your body where you need healing. And allow it to answer with a pulsing or constriction or an echo of pain. And in response to that answer, honor your body by breathing Light into that place. All the parts of your body will
sing healing to each part of you that needs it. Remember all things are perfectly balanced in their Whole state. So allow your body to sing itself into homeostasis. Allow the vital Light of the body to rain healing onto the parts that need help re- membering their beauty, their power, their temple-status. As you do so, feel your- self releasing pain, leaks, and blocks that may be draining your Light and seal those places with a kiss. Then feel where you have left hooks in others and pull those back, sealing those places with a kiss. Finally allow yourself to breathe one, two, three times deeply. With each of these three breaths let your aura body expand out until it is at its most comfortable diameter around you. One, expand. Two, expand. Three, expand. Then with one more deep, soul-full breath sprinkle your aura with a sealant of Light, allowing it to take whatever colors are most natural to you. When you open your eyes you are cleansed and protected. 

Another Myth

Once upon a time there was a day without night and while the
world was very beautiful, wrapped in the incandescence of light, it was so unceasing as to seem sometimes cruel. There were no secrets, no closed eyes, all was open and visible, mystery impossible. Too bright, too demanding, too relentless. And because there was no night there was no shadow nor variation, no rest from the screaming lights of constant morning. And because there was no night to hold balance to the day, af- ter some time the people were always weary and seeing became tiresome. They wished to close their ever-open eyes and so they prayed and asked for respite. They asked that they may sometimes fall into a sleep in which they would lose themselves for a time. So the Ancient Ones considered this request. If we give the people rest then things will change, they said. If we give the people a time to close their eyes they will forget and what damage can they do when they are forgetful? The Ancient Ones could not foretell every detail yet they shuddered to think what could be hidden if the day was replaced with something darker. Yet they have prayed this, and they do look tired. What shall we do? One Ancient One stepped forward, bowed its head, and said: “Perhaps I am unwise yet I will go into this world. I will hold a space between us, being the Alpha and Omega we will be the beginnings of this new world, this world of two-ness. And
I will breathe ourself into this space and when it is time to return we will return ourself to one.” The other Ancient Ones nodded their heads and allowed. And so the Ancient One dreamed a world in which there was day and night. And then it kissed its Dream, sending its breath into the Dream. And then the Dream kissed the Ancient One and they were two yet one was giving and the other receiving as they passed the kiss of cre- ation back and forth. Breath and Light they cycled together. One by day, the other by night, holding within them all of Creation. The Ancient One is the Sun and the Moon. The Day and the Night. Father and Mother.
Yet they are one; they are two. Between them we are the children they Dreamed.

A Myth

Humanity was created from the tears of our Mother wrapped in the clay of Her body. She poured out Love, laughter, sorrow, joy, anger, bliss, and every other emotion ever imagined as she cried tears of rainbow Light into vessels shaped of earthy clay, filling the solidity of form with her powerful emotions. As She molded them from Her tears and flesh Her mate and twin, our Father, blew warm breath into their mouths to heat their inner suns and fill their cold little bodies with life. The parents then called their First Born to sing themselves into their younger siblings. And so these children, humans born from clay and tears, sunlight and breath, and filled with the song of angels became the repositories of emotional possibilities encased in solid Light. Made of Love they were given the opportunity to experience every kind of thing they would collectively dream for themselves. And for eons they existed within the warm space of their heart within the Oneness of their Parents arms and in celebration with their siblings: the stones and plants and elves and stars and all those who live within the All.

Because humans were given the gift of Dreaming, which is the gift of creating worlds drawn from their emotional landscape, at some point they learned how to dream lies. These were lies of separation, pridefulness, shame, scarcity, insecurity, rejection, abandonment. When they learned this skill they also learned hiding to stay “safe” from the lies they told themselves and each other. And so they seemed to fall away from their shared Heart to slip out of the All. As they fell away from the bliss of their Parents arms their lives were shorter and more filled with anxiety and turbulence. They no longer loved their siblings, the animals, but feared their sharp teeth. The wilds of the deep woods became terrible and frightening places. The Starry Ones, their one time older siblings and teachers, seemed to morph into frightening aliens and demons of dark intent. And some emotions of humanity itself: anger, ferocity, wildness, desire, became shadows of their original glory, pushed aside and relegated to the dark. These disregarded emotions took form as demons. Demons dreamed from the rejection of their human parents, abandoned children left to drift foraging on their own, nursing from the lost, broken, and fear-ridden among them. And so humanity dreamed fearsome things, fragmented itself into good and evil. Projected its shadow into the Other to protect themselves from the truth that they themselves are the dreamers of an artificial construct of separation, fear, scarcity, loss, and shame built on top of the Truth of the All, which has been here all along. It is when humanity remembers to embody humility within the great cyclic arms of our Parents that they heal and step into a very different dream: the dream that returns them to the Golden age.

A Meditation & Release

We bring ourselves to stillness with the beating of our hearts and the counting of breath.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your heart. Pay attention to the rhythm of your breath and where it falls into your body and where it may rise in your sensations. As you breathe feel the movement of Life circulate through you and follow with your attention each pathway and bending of your breath. When you notice pain or discomfort in your body then follow the pain from one point to the next. If you feel a pain in your throat then follow it to where it leads, like a pathway. And as you follow that pathway breathe Love into the pain and feel it release. Do not pressure the release. Just allow it and move on. Do not over-think this but allow it and move on. Release and move on. Release and move on. Release and move on…

Be Still

With each pain you feel there is an associated fear. It is not important you know what the fear is or what it is not. If it gives you a name, then good, but if it does not still release and move on. Release and move on. This is grace. Sit in Grace.

Be Still

Now allow yourself to follow your pain and fears through your body while releasing and moving. And as you release feel yourself getting lighter. You are making room for more Light. You are creating space for more Light and service making your reality bigger. So feel yourself moving and expanding as you grow Lighter and Lighter.

Be Still


Now listen to your heartbeat. Now listen to the heartbeat of the Mother. Now allow those heartbeats to combine. If you listen closely you may feel a third heartbeat from above. This is the heartbeat of the Father. Allow the three to combine into one. This is You.

Be Still

This is where we sit. This is the axis mundi. This is our branch of the world tree on which we perch. Peace, be at peace.

A Meditation on group-Heart and wisdom from the people of the Green (by Heather Eggleston)

Listen. This is your space to hear and feel. Know this. Settle in to your skin. Feel the edges of your form. Then feel the edges of your aura. Now pull your attention inward. And feel your center. It does not matter where the center of you is. For some the center may be the little toe on the right foot. For some it is in the heart or closer to the throat or in the gut or in the left shoulder. It is the center of you. Feel the center of you. If the center of you will move itself then let it move itself. let it flow and watch its movement without worries or without judging or thinking it. Just let it move and feel its movement and feel the patterns that follow in its moving. The center of things is never one place only. The center of things is never one heart only. It is all places and hearts. It is the waves of everything. The center of things is the place where the World Tree roots itself into the beginnings, ends, and betweens of all times. The axis mundi. The center of the Worlds. Feel this in you.

(Be Still)

Yes, as your attention settles into a space it may move. Laugh with this. Do not be frustrated or fearful as your center of motion shifts. Be everything at once.

(Be Still)

Now feel the center of things expand. Feel the single shifting point grow in detail and expand like a little pinprint growing larger. This center expands out like a big ball that holds you in the middle of it, bouncing with each thought, with each breath. Moving you with it, up and down, and up and down. Isn’t this fun? You are a great bouncing ball! Watch the world outside you as you bounce throughout time and throughout space. Dip your toes in the swirls of water of the Oceans as you bounce off the waves. Hear the Stars sing to you as you bounce through the heavens. Feel the warmth of the Sun as you bounce off its rays, allowing your own inner Star to flare in recognition and gratitude. A great cosmic bouncing ball.

(Be Still)

Now listen. Below you there is a beating. A drumming. A steady pulsing of slow, deep, drums. You feel this pulse outside you and suddenly, instantaneously, you feel it inside you as well. Steady, slow, pulsing. It vibrates in you like nothing you’d imagined. Your bouncing slows and the sphere around is drawn down, deep. Down where the beating becomes louder, echoing in your ears, pulling you into the body of Earth herself. Under Earth, in the crystalline structure below, you pulse, feeling yourself growing older, deeper, ancient. You begin to know the things of Stone. You feel the ages and cycles of Earths passed and yet to come in your bones as your bones slowly, so slowly remember they are Stone with the wisdom of all Creation in their structure. You are the skeleton of the Earth and the structure upon which all else is built. You are crystal, rock, sediment, and caves. You are the mountains that touch the sky. You carry the wisdom of ages in your bones. You are living, dynamic, pulsing. You are beating. You are drumming. You are Stone.

(Be Still)

Now feel the drum-beat in your heart. At first it may feel like an echo as the vibration carries itself through you. Allow your heartbeat and the pulsing of the Stone to wrap around each other until they become one rhythm.

(Be Still)

Now a wind moves over you and the slightest breath is whispered into your head. This breath, this blessing, touches your heart and as it does you are washed in the most verdant green you have ever imagined. Brighter than emeralds and deeper than forest canopies. As this green washes your heart it beats with greater life. Greater vitality. It beats with a solidity and purpose. And with each and every beat your heart expands, growing larger and larger. With each beat living, breathing vines grow in every direction. These tendrils grow out, reaching towards the world. They root in, reaching into Mystery. The grow in and out, up and down, reaching all directions at once, connecting the inner spaces to the outer spaces.

(Be Still)

As these vines grow, like tributaries from a central spring, they entwine their green fingers around the fingers of those closest to them, reaching for each other. Connecting heart to heart. Green to Green. As these beautiful connections are made feel the original breath of wind in your hair pass through each vein of Green from one tendril to the next as we pass the blessing to each other, letting it grow, knowing we are intimately connected. Feel nourishment pass through these external roots, feeding the deepest connections within. Feel empathy for all Creation in the beating of Our heart. Be there now.