Liquid Light Meditation

Liquid Light Meditation

Feel your breath moving in and out of your body. Feel the earth beneath you. Feel the sky above you. Feel the movement of your energy dancing in and around you, keeping time with your breath. Now with each inhalation ask for Divine blessing and favor. Ask for guidance and purification. Ask for protection and clarity. Ask for courage to see that which is even as it dreams itself around that which is not. And with each exhalation offer your blessings to all the Mother’s children. Now use your left hand to gently touch each chakra point. Move your left hand to your root and breathe in gently. Move to your sacral and breathe out gently. Then move your left hand to your solar plexus and breathe in again. Now move your hand to your heart and exhale. Then to your throat and inhale. Now to your third eye and exhale. Now place your left hand on your crown and inhale a great breath. Now touch your navel and rotate counterclockwise for seven turns, asking your body to be solid and strong as you travel.

Now feel yourself as Light, each part of you become more and more liquid. Feel your edges soften as if freed from the strictures of a solid shape. Feel your Light as it moves in and out of form with the rhythm of music. Feel yourself as liquid Light that shifts and plays with the substance of Creation. Dance in this a moment. Feel your liquid body. Your fingers are drops of Light. Your eyes are pools of Light. Feel the fluidity of your insides as they shape themselves into realms of imagining. Now fully feel this state of liquid being. Touch your left thumb to the middle finger of your left hand. Anchor this state of being now. Hold it now. When you release this position you will fall back into solid form. Practice opening and closing this state. Practice shifting from liquid to solid and back again by closing and opening your fingertips. You will carry this state with you for practice later.      

Liquid Light (part 2)

The liquid state of light is exemplified by the four mutable astrological signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Gemini is the Twins. They are the monad from which duality is born and so hold all possibilities within their embrace. They are the balance of two within one, the male and female aspects of one Soul, and carry the power of the sacred Twins who are song and dance, Light and movement, particles and waves, embodied in the two who are One. And so the airy twins are adaptable, changeable, and, ruled by Mercury who manifests as both childish trickster-thief and ancient keeper of occult wisdom, Gemini has a remarkable spontaneity and quickness that seems breathtaking and dramatic. Virgo is the lady of the harvest and priestess of the earth Mother. Ruled by Chiron1, the wounded healer-priest, she follows the rhythms of her own wounds to determine the medicines that others may use to heal themselves. As the virgin she is autonomous and complete unto herself yet those within her embrace are cleansed, nourished, and warmed. Virgo is the servant-queen who offers food for body and soul to the weary travelers who stumble into her heart. Sagittarius is the archer who sends his fiery arrows from the darkest winter into the heat of the Stars. He is the centaur who reaches beyond his animalistic instincts to explore uncharted territories as guide to those who would explore the world as travelers to exotic lands and philosophies. Yet while he fixes his eyes on the skies beyond he is tethered to his horse-body and draws from the powerful fortitude of his physicality. He is the perfect blend of strength and intellect with the driving instinct to explore the realms beyond the ordinary. Pisces is the fish who surrenders himself to mystical union with the All. He is the dreamer, the mystic, the sacrifice who becomes whole when he gives up everything. He is the end of all things who drowns in the original ocean from which he was once born only to realize water cannot kill him. Mystic, madman, and saint. Ruled by Neptune, the great god of the Sea, Pisces absorbs everything, dreams everything, and is everything. He is the mystic who finds Truth by losing himself.

Individuals with a great number of planets in these signs tend to be aligned with the liquid state.2 Mutability indicates natural gifts for dreaming, empathic linking, translation or “mediumship,” astral travel, and journeying. A drawback of too much mutability can be a generalized discomfort within the physical body. When one is adept at walking realms in liquid forms it can sometimes be uncomfortable to fully inhabit the temple. However that cannot be an excuse to neglect the temple body since we are meant to masterful navigators of all the states of light. While the heart is the connecting point of all consciousness the navel is the one point that keeps our bodies: temple, shifter, and glowing, linked together. The navel is where the Soul entered the physical body and where all our aspects and lifetimes link. When you feel disconnected, out of “phase”, or drifting from your body rub your navel a few times in a clockwise direction to pull your forms together and link back to your physical self.

1Reiki 1 p. ______

2My ascendent, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, north node, and midheaven are all mutable so I have as many mutable placements as cardinal and fixed combined. This manifests as flexibility in most circumstances but also a tendency to bend too far. Such extreme liquidity potentially allows others to fit me into the vessel they think most appropriate, which can be a danger if I do not define myself well enough. 

Liquid Light (part 1)

The second Reiki atttunement focuses on the liquid state of matter, the shifter body. In Reiki 1 we learned the gifts of solid light in exploration of the temple (physical) body. Liquid light is very different and much more than just melted solid light. Rather it is a clarified mutability that allows us to shift in and out of form(less)ness. When we dream, journey, shift, travel, or walk the inner planes we experience ourselves in liquidity. The adept is willing and able to shift between the states of light (solid to liquid to auric) at any given time. This flexibility is the natural role of the realm-walker or shaman who navigates the many realms of Light on behalf of self and tribe or hive.1

The realm-walker is one who has balanced night and day within herself and is therefore at ease in the betwixt and betweens of existence. The realm-walker Whole embraces twilight to shift to and from the three states of matter in a blink of the heart. The realms of Light are the many layers of existence seen and unseen. This solid realm is one. The so-called astral plane is close to the physical realm and can feel similar to the consensual reality bubble. It is populated by those who are existing now and those who have existed before (and later) in the physical realm. It is densely populated by thought forms so there can be very bright, kind forms and very dark, twisted thought forms. It is very linked to the human group mind and has a soupy quality for those who are not used to traveling it. When humans sleep they oftentimes create spaces within the astral realm for their dream pockets making it a very thick place! But it is very swimmable with an intentional level of awareness. Every dream within the human group heart presents a possible realm and so the Dreamscapes are often doorways into other realms. The archetypal and mythic and ancestral and so on and on are realms of Light, which may be navigable by the aware.

When we dream, meditate, journey, or travel we can shift our form to explore different aspects of ourselves within these many realms of Light. We may become birds, animals, age to seem elderly or make ourselves appear younger, change races, grow large or small. The student of liquid light works with deep awareness of the dreaming self. This awareness teaches us much about our own natures and allows us to bring more of our big Selves into solid form.

1I once had a dream in which a Woman said : “humanity has forgotten it’s a hive.” The perception of separation and egoic individualism has divorced us from the natural connections and easy roles that exist between us naturally.

Solid Light Meditation



Let us take a walk through our bodies. Remember imagination is the key into our sibling realms. Allow your imagination to act and it will guide you deeper into yourself. Do not try to censure your imagination or you will be chasing wild horses through the houses of your mind. We wish for your imagination to run free and carry you as an ally, not as an unruly child you have to control. So honor deeply any musings, images, and sensations you experience. Now is not the time for an edit button!

Inhale deeply, allowing the breath to undo the tension in your body. Breath is the seventh element, the mystery of Life and the animating force of the universe. It is unformed yet infuses all of form with music and dance, with light and movement. It is far beyond any individual experience and yet we all partake of it with each and every bit of our being and in each and every moment of our lives. So breathe deeply allowing the belly to move in and out, filling your lungs completely, and as you do imagine the breath releasing joy into your body, flooding your body with the joy of partaking in the nourishment of the Divine and the breath of Heaven itself. Enjoy this for a moment or two. Breathing in and out. Experiencing. Being.

Now allow yourself to feel where you are. Feel where your body touches your seat. Feel your clothes against your skin. Feel the air touch your face. Allow the sensations of living to echo inside your form and eventually you will feel connected deeply to your own self. As you do so your breathing will slow even more and become deeper, more soul-filled. Your body, this solid body, is a temple for your Soul. It was designed to nourish your Soul and is literally fed by the Light of your Star-self. Your body, this solid body, is meant to be celebrated and Loved. So often we think of the physical body as imperfect and a nuisance. It is no wonder the body becomes diseased and disconnected from its power when we are constantly criticizing it! When we truly love our bodies they become magnifi- cent sensors of all levels of reality.

So starting at your feet allow yourself to feel every part of you. Walk through your feet feeling for anything. Tingling, coolness, warmth, tension, relaxation.


Do not judge, but notice. Notice where you feel wide open and where you feel more closed. Notice and breathe deeply. Move up your legs feeling, feeling. Move into your pelvis and sexual organs feeling for any particular blocks. Move up through your digestive system and your abdomen, paying careful attention and breathing deeply. And up into your rib-cage where your heart and lungs live and feel them expanding and pulsing with life. Pay attention to how they feel. To what they say via the sensations they emit. Now move up through your neck and down your arms and into your hands and fingertips. Notice and breathe. Now move into your head, your jaw, eyes, ears. Feel. Notice.

Now ask your body where you need healing. And allow it to answer with a pulsing or constriction or an echo of pain. And in response to that answer, honor your body by breathing Light into that place. All the parts of your body will
sing healing to each part of you that needs it. Remember all things are perfectly balanced in their Whole state. So allow your body to sing itself into homeostasis. Allow the vital Light of the body to rain healing onto the parts that need help re- membering their beauty, their power, their temple-status. As you do so, feel your- self releasing pain, leaks, and blocks that may be draining your Light and seal those places with a kiss. Then feel where you have left hooks in others and pull those back, sealing those places with a kiss. Finally allow yourself to breathe one, two, three times deeply. With each of these three breaths let your aura body expand out until it is at its most comfortable diameter around you. One, expand. Two, expand. Three, expand. Then with one more deep, soul-full breath sprinkle your aura with a sealant of Light, allowing it to take whatever colors are most natural to you. When you open your eyes you are cleansed and protected. 

The Solid State of Light

The first level of Reiki focuses on the solid state of matter, which is the physical or temple body. In order to share Reiki with others we must be very aware of our own bodies. The first attunement level lifts our awareness from the mundane understanding of the body as its basic physiological functions and mechanistic anatomy to the acceptance that we are Light embodied in solid form. Our Mother as solid Light is the

Earth herself and we as solid Light are our physical Earthy existence. Solid light (fixed) is naturally very in-tune with the body and brings an innate understanding of how to heal oneself from the inside-out. This sort of Light intuitively understands the workings of sensation in the body. Mastery of solid light helps us become great diagnosticians and healers from the inside-out.

The fixed astrological signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquari- us. Taurus, the bull, is solid Earth. She is the bounty of nature and the sensuality of all things physical.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of Love and earthy femininity. She is the sacred cow who is protected at
all costs because she is love incarnate and makes life worth living.

Leo, the lion, is solid fire. Leo is celebration of the great I, the individual ego exalted and brought into creative service to the All. He is ruled by the Sun himself with his all-seeing eye and tireless enthusiasm. He is kind and benevolent and knows his power is born not from prideful hubris but rather from sincere, and equally balanced, celebration of his own whol-
ly unique glory and the brilliant magnificence of others.

Scorpio, the dragon, is solid water. Scorpio lives in the dangerous depths of emotional realities that those more timid may never touch. The dragon is a creature of caves who rises to soar the skies. Scorpio guards the deepest secrets and woe to the uninitiated who stumbles into his lair. Scorpio is ruled
by Pluto who is the god of death, the underworld, and wealth. No mortal can avoid him and wisdom is gained by confronting him before there is no choice and we must face him in the dark.

Aquarius, the water bearer, is solid air. Aquarius is humanity exalted, who carries the gift of water (cleansed emotion)1 to the All. Aquarius listens for voices beyond the humdrum of daily noise and translates them for the whole. Visionary, prophet, and humanitarian Aquarius defies the rules and brings the gifts of enlightenment to the uninitiated and pours holy water over the heads
of those below. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the quirky eccentric, the unpredictable. Aquarius navigates the group mind and rules the arts of Knowing.

Individuals with a significant number of planets in these fixed signs may find this first level very natural and comfortable. They have the ability for deep understanding of solid reality, density, and the magic in form. Gifts of the solid (fixed) Light are self-healing, medical intuition, diagnostics, and an understanding of physical mechanisms, anatomy, nutrition, and the science of bodily energy.

The States of Light (part 3)

First observe how many planets are in which element. The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The number of planets you have in each element will clarify your elemental make-up. Consider each of the four classical elements as you explore your chart. Fire is creativity, passion, catalytic change. Air is intellect, inspiration, quickness. Water is spiritual pursuit, deep emotions, the subconscious. And Earth is foun- dation, solidity, rootedness. If you have, as I do, most planets in Earth and Fire you may be practical and grounded with great passion in all you do and create. But you may also need to slow down, foster an emotional life, and learn how to relax and breathe. Someone who is dominant in Water signs with very little Earth may be easily lost in emotions and not know how to naturally feel rooted and solid. Another person with a great deal of air may seem spacey and out of touch. While a Fire person may be able to get things started it is difficult to complete tasks. Some lucky individuals are well balanced. A very brief snapshot of your elemental make-up will give tremendous insight into the areas of life that may need further development.


After studying the elemental breakdown you will next look at the predominant states of matter: fixed (solid), mutable (liquid), and cardinal (gas). These three states of matter are of primary importance in the three Reiki initiations as each one explores a specific state.

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Fixed signs are the least likely to move. They are solid, steady, and focused. This is the solid state of matter and it is reflected in the physical body, which is called the temple body. The first Reiki attunement focuses on this solid, fixed state.

The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mu- tables are fluid, easily adaptable, and, like water, they fill the space they are given. This is the liquid state of matter and it is the shifting body. This is the part of ourselves we send out in shamanic journeys, astral trav- els, and dreams. The second Reiki attunement explores the liquid realms.

The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These signs are primary, catalytic, and pure. This is the gaseous state of mat- ter and the auric or Glowing body. This is the part of us that connects outside of localized forms and can move completely energetically. The third Reiki attunement aligns us with this pure energetic state.

As within, so without. Just as each one of us is composed of the multiple states of matter so is the macrocosmic reality. Our physical form is solid as is the body of the Earth. Our liquid self sends out in dreams and interacts with the avatars and archetypes of the collective Heart-mind. Our auric field dances with the glowing Light body of all creation.


The three bodies exist in an interconnected way yet they are all distinct. When we are incarnate we are in a temple body. When we dream we are in a shifter body. When we pass on and between lives we are pure auric light. All three bodies exist simultaneously and as we work with awareness we learn to maintain a balance between them, which leads to an expanded understanding of the nature of reality.

Astrology of the Shadow – House placement (part 3)

Also very important is where the shadow falls over your chart, the house placement, as it will illuminate where the shadow is most alive in you. There is too much subtlety involved in a full analysis of the shadows in each house since the individual house rulers will be different for each chart but a brief sketch of the houses and their shadow focus follows:

First house – If your shadow falls in your first house (sun is in the seventh house) you must be wary of narcissism. The shadow in the first may present an “all about me” attitude with disinterest in anything outside your influence.

Second house – If your shadow falls in the second house (sun is in the eighth house) you must be wary of getting caught in the sensualities of life. Consumption, hoarding, avarice, and greed are dangerous pitfalls. When the surface seduces the second house shadow deceit and manipulation may follow.

Third house – If your shadow falls in the third house (sun is in the ninth house) you must be wary of using your intellect to create traps for yourself and others. Mental gymnastics and subtle manipulations are dangers. Disregard for the emotions of others and self-serving mental machinery is disruptive.

Fourth house – If your shadow falls in the fourth house (sun is in the tenth house) be wary of retreating into an inner world that never takes the chance to create anything of lasting value. Beware the victim mentality that sees everyone as “out to get” you and the world as a terrifying place.

Fifth house – If your shadow falls in the fifth house (sun is in the eleventh house) be wary of unbridled ambition masking deep seated insecurity. Keeping only “yes people” around and bullying with an impulse towards tyranny and an “its my way or the highway” attitude creates an unbalanced and non reflective life.

Sixth house – If your shadow falls in the sixth house (sun is in the twelfth house) be wary of self-indulgence and disregard for the physical body. Imbalances in daily living, poor health, and an underlying death wish may show up in this shadow. Physical health will point out when and how the shadow is feeding poison into the system.

Seventh house – If your shadow falls in the seventh house (sun is in the first house) be wary of losing yourself in relationships with others and defining the self based others’ expectations. Relationship issues will be paramount in showing where you need development.

Eighth house – If your shadow falls in the eighth house (sun is in the second house) be wary of falling into behaviors of obsession and control. There may be an extreme “need” to control others and everything within one’s space. Sexual control games, micromanagement, and manipulation are dangerous traps for this placement.

Ninth house – If your shadow falls in the ninth house (sun is in the third house) be wary of pursuing experiences for their own sake rather than for the soul’s journey. Disregard for consequences, unreliability, and preachiness to others without taking self-inventory are unfortunate possibilities.

Tenth house – If your shadow falls in the tenth house (sun is in the fourth house) be wary of building just to build and consuming just to consume. Unbridled ambition without an impulse to serve the greater good is dangerous. Looking to make a buck on the back of others and the CEO disease are warning signs.

Eleventh house – If your shadow falls in the eleventh house (sun is in the fifth house) be wary of demanding more from others than you would be willing to give yourself. Using and abusing connections of those who care will create an unhappy life.

Twelfth house – If your shadow falls isn the twelfth house (sun is in the sixth house) sbe wary of losing yourself in imagination, delusion, and addiction. Falling into patterns of paranoia, isolation, and waking nightmares (also known as worry).

Astrology of the Shadow (part 2)

Now, after reviewing the sun sign positive aspects we look to their shadows, which are opposite the bright signs of native birth. We cannot look to the brightness of our opposition signs but to their dark, hidden sides (of which each one has plenty!).

Aries – The shadow of Aries (the shadow of Libra) is unbridled rage, who rails at the injustices of their world and of their lives without effecting positive change. Childishness, unbridled egotism, and selfishness run free in the shadow of Aries.

Taurus – The shadow of Taurus (which lives in Scorpio) is sensuality for its own sake and without sacred context. Using and abusing for one’s own purpose shadows Taurus’ value on the body and its pleasures. The shadow Taurus accumulates pleasures and wealth for its acquisitive purposes without regard for the ethics surrounding gain. Greed and jealousy reign.

Gemini – The shadow of Gemini (which lives in Sagittarius) is avoiding responsibility while always searching out the next greatest experience. Without care or commitment for those it touches the shadow of Gemini is fickle, insensitive, and purely whimsical in love and life. Refusing to commit, love em and leave em, the shadow never learns to feel enough to care.

Cancer – The shadow of Cancer, which lives in Capricorn, cares more for security and safety than it does for anything else. Greedy, filled with avarice, secrets, and controlling, this shadow side refuses to budge unless it feels innate gain for itself. It derives security from getting its own way and controlling those within its influence.

Leo – The shadow of Leo lives in Aquarius. It exalts itself in its isolation, discrimination, and self-reliance. It refuses to connect and so keeps itself in a state of egoic being in which no one can truly touch it because it finds itself so superior to others as to not even speak the same language. Such a being truly would enjoy its own company more than the love of others.

Virgo – The shadow of Virgo lives in Pisces. This shadow is the co-dependent, addict, and delusional person who divides so far into others that she can no longer find herself. She loses track of her own individualizing characteristics and drowns in a madness of her own making. She cannot offer herself as healer-priest to others because she has not found the instruments of her own healing.

Libra – The shadow is Libra is Aries. This shadow is insecure and frightened of anyone’s initiative but his own. His creative power is spilled into his own hand rather than into the possibilities of a shared space. Childish and egoic he is prone to tantrums, self-serving dramas, and bruised egos. He is punishing to those who “wrong” him and demanding of attention.

Scorpio – The shadow of Scorpio is in Taurus.  This shadow is stubborn and refuses to bend no matter what its intractability is doing to those around it.  It allows its obsessions to filter its experiences of everything and simply will not let go.  It feels misunderstood and that the world is against it and so it can fall into a pit of rage, despair, and torment.

Sagittarius – The shadow of Sagittarius is Gemini. Fickle and quick moving he refuses to commit to anyone. He spreads himself so thin he has nothing left for those who love him. He moves faster than light but becomes an excuse for never completing anything and for fear-ridden behavior. He jumps at the shadows he creates in his own mind.

Capricorn – The shadow of Capricorn is Cancer. This shadow finds a hole into which he falls in order to feel safe. He secures his borders, builds a fall out shelter, and buries himself deep within. He allows nothing into his space that has not been poison-tested, purified, and Good Housekeeping approved. If he cannot control it, it does not exist. And so becomes trapped in his own safety.

Aquarius – The shadow of Aquarius is Leo. Rather than connecting to the All and holding the greater good as primary she sinks into pure egotism. If she is not the best than she refuses to play, taking her toys and running home. She is insufferably arrogant, refusing to see her own flaws in any way. She is the homecoming queen gone wrong.

Pisces – The shadow of Pisces lives in Virgo. Extremely judgmental, analytical, and simply bitchy she thinks she knows what is right for everyone without actually looking within to her own foibles. He is arrogant, frustrating, and small minded. The world is only as large as he and his own have experienced and everything else is suspect and wrong.

As sun sign natives we must be wary of falling into the negative aspects of our sign but they will present themselves in fairly obvious ways through our lives. The shadow is more subtle. We are less inclined to look at the negative aspects of another sign for our own traits. Really delving deep into the shadow of our opposites will illuminate secrets we have readily kept for ourselves. Interestingly you may well notice some of the shadow traits are things you have secretly feared about yourself. Doing an honest assessment of where you allow the shadow part power will also allow you to feel the power of healing.

Astrology of the Shadow – The Sun Sign (part 1)

Shadows are cast in the opposite direction of the light. And so when we shine a light the shadow falls behind it. In the natal chart the Sun is the light source and the shadow falls opposite the sun sign. In Western astrology the sun sign has assumed extraordinary importance. When someone says: “what’s your sign?” this is generally what they’re asking. What sign was the sun in the moment you were born? While I see it only as one of many important aspects of the chart it does show us where are shadows lay and allows us to unpack them. Also important is the house in which our shadow exists (also opposite the sun sign).

The Sun sign is our inner star and central power source. It fuels, energizes, and shows us where and how we shine. It is the paternal inheritance, which speaks to the ancestral imprint of our father’s line. As such it is a gateway to our power and how it is expressed through our lives. Most people have a cursory understanding of the sun sign significance. To find the shadow of the sun look to the sign in opposition of your sun. For example my sun sign is Virgo in the 12th house. Therefore my opposing sign is Pisces in the 6th house.

Aries is opposite Libra

Taurus is opposite Scorpio

Gemini is opposite Sagittarius

Cancer is opposite Capricorn

Leo is opposite Aquarius

Virgo is opposite Pisces


Below are Sun sign descriptions, just for fun, before we look at the shadows!

Aries – Aries, ruled by Mars, is the first sign of the zodiac and the fiery initiator. A cardinal sign, it is fire in gaseous form. Amazingly authentic, when Aries appears something (anything!) is about to begin. Aries, mythologically the god of war, is the classic archetype of the hero and warrior. Aries is filled with energy, extremely active, spontaneous, and temperamental. Anger burns hot and fast and is occasionally explosive. So does passion. Aries will fight for a cause to the death and is protective of those he loves and of the things that matter.

Taurus– Taurus, ruled by Venus, earths the Arian energy into solid earth. Taurus is slow and steady, will not rush, and solidly holds space until the proverbial meteorite strikes. The Venusian sensuality lives deep in Taurus along with an appreciation of things earthy. Taurus is the earth mother with an impulse towards the joys of incarnation and the finer things of life. Taurus values security, stability, and is tenacious in achieving these qualities in herself.

Gemini – Gemini, ruled by the messenger god Mercury, is liquid air, quicksilver and transformative. Gemini processes quickly, almost magically, and shifts from face to face with a blink of the eye. Gemini are the twins and as such holds all possibility within its whole. Both male and female, dark and bright, Gemini is undifferentiated possibility. Because of this innate wholeness Gemini can process all options quickly and move before the more methodical signs have even begun.

Cancer – Cancer, ruled by the feminine Moon, is cardinal water. She is the tides and the ruler of tides. Cancer is the mystical mother who holds sacred spaces within her, carrying her home on her back. She is the collective unconscious and keeper of memory. She is empathic and dreamy yet protects her soft underbelly with a hard protective shell. She ebbs and flows on the waves and makes her home among the creatures of the sea. Cancer is supremely vulnerable yet holds her space with the fierceness of a queen.

Leo – Leo, the lion, is ruled by the Sun. He is fixed fire, burning bright and steady as the star after which he is named. Leo is the inner star, vibrant and confident. He shines unapologetically thus allowing everyone else around him to bask in his generous light. He is so supremely confident that he is humble in himself and lives to give. He is the energy giving battery of the zodiac, fueling the fires of all those around him and radiating with the warmth of ego elevated.

Virgo – Virgo is the healer priestess, ruled by wounded healer Chiron. She is mutable earth, liquid stability. She is refinement, compassion, and precision. Virgo’s domain is the diagnostic terrain of maps, whether they be geographical, theoretical, or philosophical. She sees the trees of the forest and loves each one for their uniqueness and listens for the individual voice of everyone she meets. She sees through the clutter, clears the spaces around her, and offers wisdom born from generous observation.

Libra – Libra, the scales, is ruled by Venus. Libra seeks balance, beauty, and refinement in all things. The diplomatic, artistic, and supremely fair Libra must create harmony in his spaces. He is aware of his place in the world and seeks to make it one of importance and balance. He will not abide imbalance and seeks to hold the teeter totter still. He holds an elegant space between Virgo’s keen observation and Scorpio’s deep exploration.

Scorpio – Scorpio, the dragon, is ruled by the King Pluto, guardian of the underworld. Scorpio is the darkness. She is the queen of the Underworld and Mistress Death. She holds the hand of those who dare to look into the shadows and face the dark in themselves. Scorpio is untimely and challenging and forces us to look at death in our own faces. She rules the kind of sex that scorches the soul (rather than Taurus’ physical sensuality), the power wealth brings, and the transformative that comes from dying while still alive.

Sagittarius – After emerging from Scorpio’s depths Sagittarius looks up into the sky and shoots for the stars. He points his arrows up to all the places he will some day travel and charts a map to the heavens. He navigates the heavens in his brilliant mind and follows the pathways of philosophy, thought, and explores them through every kind of travel he can imagine. He pushes the edges of understanding, charting new territory, and pushing the edges of possibility.

Capricorn – Capricorn, ruled by taskmaster Saturn, pulls the Centaur’s possibilities back into the cardinal Earth’s probabilities. Capricorn says: “Yes, interesting idea! Now how do we make it work!” Capricorn creates in the concrete, the practical, the manifestation of dreams. She is the builder, the maker, the craftsperson who turns everything she touches into gold. Mistress of manifestation, she builds not for the moment but for posterity.

Aquarius – The mysterious Uranus ruled Aquarian is the weaver of the webs of the group mind. Aquarius takes the craft of Capricorn and weaves it towards the higher good of the All. Aquarius is the prophet, visionary, internet developer, astrologer, and visionary. To Aquarius nothing is good until it profits humanity as a whole. No one exists in isolation and the Aquarian mind is intricately aware of the highways and byways of shared space.

Pisces – Pisces, the fish, lives in Neptune’s deep water seas. Pisces is the mystic, the dreamer, the madwoman, who only lives when she dies in the Oneness. She knows that death is an illusion and that dreams are closer to reality than the daily life so many others find themselves grinding through. She is the psychic, the sacrifice, and the communion blood seeping into the ocean’s accepting waters. She is suffering and joy in the same grail.


Learning from Chiron, the wounded healer (part 2) by Heather Eggleston

  1. To begin take an inventory of why you are drawn to energy healing. Is it to heal a physical, emotional, or spiritual illness in yourself? Is it to pass healing to others? Is it to save the world? Is it to help heal someone you love? Is it to be a superhero? Be honest in your answers. Self-healing requires brutal honesty and recognition the answers are more complex than they may seem on the surface.

  2. Then look at your closest relationships. Are you the person everyone calls when they need something? Do you feel like your relationships are balanced with an easy flow of give and take? Do you get what you need from your partner, friends, and family members? Do you feel heard and valued for yourself in your relationships? How many of your relationships would you call “healthy”? How many are not?

  3. Next look at your traits. Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with others or do you feel a need to keep a distance? What control mechanisms do you employ to stay “safe” with others? How do you let others know what you want, need, desire in any given moment? Are you willing to say no when you feel your boundaries are being pushed too far? How often do you fudge the truth to save someone else’s feelings? Or to protect your own?

  4. Now look at your habits. Do you eat the way you should? Get enough exercise? Are your sleep patterns healthy? Are you willing to stand up for what you need?

  5. What is your relationship to Chiron? Do you see any of the tendencies of the wounded healer in yourself? Check your astrological relationship with Chiron. Where does he live in your chart (which house)? In what sign does he sit? What does that placement tell you about your wound?

Each astrological placement is wholly unique but offers clues as to how Chiron may be acting in your life. Chiron’s house placement and aspected planets are also very important but this simple snapshot may be useful when you are taking your inventory and learning to relate to Chiron in your individual natal chart.

Chiron in Aries (or the first house) speaks to the wounded warrior. This is someone who will must make peace with his own self-worth beyond action for action’s sake. Anger, frustration, and a driving need to be a hero may show up in the life-path. In order to heal this placement must find inner peace and stillness within movement. This happens when he stops long enough to feel his own pain. It is then that this person becomes the superhero who rescues others from their own pain by being present enough for them to feel it.

Chiron in Taurus (or the second house) speaks to wounds of abandonment. This is someone who may have issues of security, poverty, and fears associated with loss. To heal this individual will need to learn to be her own strong person and may need to guard against accumulating wealth, relationships, and worldly possessions just feel safe. Her fear of not having enough must be sublimated in the bliss of knowing she is inherently supported by the All. She must learn to feel safe regardless of external circumstance. She then inspires trust by being trust.

Chiron in Gemini (or the third house) speaks to the wounded communicator. This is someone who has to watch his words that they do not wound and may be easily wounded by the harsh words of others. Gemini is a quick thinker and with this placement an individual may create elaborate mental constructs to avoid feeling wounded. This person must take down those constructs and learn the power of words to heal or harm. Once done this individual leads the way to unbinding the negative patterning of others and our larger group mind.

Chiron in Cancer (or the fourth house) speaks to the wounded empath. This is someone who feels her wounds and the wounds of others so deeply in the emotional body that she may create impenetrable walls to avoid feeling vulnerable. The danger with this placement is never allowing anyone close enough to hurt her. This person must learn to love herself enough to let others close and must taste the beauty of her own vulnerability. When she does this she serves as an empathic conduit who helps others to cleanse by her very presence.

Chiron in Leo (or the fifth house) speaks to the wounded ego. This placement may indicate someone who seems very confident (or invisible) but is deeply insecure. Behind the bluster and narcissism is someone who is tragically fragile and fears others will see through the carefully crafted facade. This person must go deep into himself to find his ego elevated and celebrate his wounds as integral parts of him rather than causes for shame. Once he achieves this he shines like the sun warming others in his radiant, if sometimes brilliantly wounded, corona.

Chiron in Virgo (or the sixth house) is the wounded healer. This a person who may be so self-absorbed in her own wounds that she disregards the pain of others or she is so absorbed in the wounds of others that she doesn’t notice where she is wounded and never confronts her shadow self. This placement must learn to serve in order to heal. Oftentimes her own suffering is the catalyst for learning to give. And at that point she becomes a healer of body and soul who tirelessly cares for others in the same way she has learned to care for herself.

Chiron in Libra (or the seventh house) is the wounded lover. This person may have idealized romantic partnerships so much that she is looking for her prince charming in every frog. Unfortunately the more frogs she kisses the more disillusioned she becomes until she realizes that the wound must be healed in herself before she can be a good partner to anyone. She must drop expectations of the Other and allow him to be as he is before he can transform into her prince. And then she is capable of the deepest, most spiritual love possible with another incarnate being. She is the muse of sacred sexuality and intimacy.

Chiron in Scorpio (or the eighth house) is the wounded shaman who mediates between the worlds. A shaman escorts others between the realms of light, life and death, and through the archetypal realms. This individual must face the big issues of sex, death, and transformation to truly heal. The deep places call to them and they may be plagued with nightmares, demons, and seemingly irrational fears until they confront the underworld and balance the light and dark in themselves. Once balanced these individuals offer a compassionate hand to hold during the darkest nights of the soul.

Chiron in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) is the wounded idealist. This placement is one of a scholar and philosopher who must confront his own logical and spiritual inconsistencies to fully heal. This placement requires relentless intellectual honesty. The danger for these natives is creating fallacious philosophical constructs that prop up a worldview rather than speaking to their deeper truths. Once they reject the inadequate presuppositions of others they become inspirational teachers and guides who hold up a light so others can find their own.

Chiron in Capricorn (or the tenth house) is the wounded creator. This individual must confront his need to prove himself to the world through the accumulation of titles, power, and influence. It is important this placement look deep into himself for true self-worth rather than killing himself with a relentless drive to succeed and to be noticed for that success. The danger is sheer obsessive-compulsive, workaholic tendencies combined with the need to achieve will drown out the Soul’s true drive to make the inner Song manifest. But when confronted this placement has the ability to create lasting structures that encourage true healing.

Chiron in Aquarius (or the eleventh house) is the wounded telepath. Because this placement has an innate understanding of what others are thinking he may feel himself exposed and violated by the most commonplace interactions. Because of this he may withdraw from the social interactions that actually nourish and feed his energetic connections. Once he learns to safely navigate the group-mind he helps others to know what it means to be truly connected in a shared mind within a greater organism. He willingly gives his hard-earned knowing to benefit the All..

Chiron in Pisces (or the twelfth house) is the wounded mystic. This individual has to forge a spiritual connection to the Divine in order to heal. She may feel somehow betrayed by God and the traditional religions and for whatever reason may resist deep connections with her spiritual self. But she is deeply psychic and soulful and so she must learn to connect in these ways or risks losing herself in addiction or delusion. When she allows herself to drown in Light she becomes more alive and offers her very substance as priest, conduit, and Voice.

Knowing your Chiron placement leads to ongoing conversations with this aspect of yourself. We are each made of the archetypal substance of these astrological beings and interact with them via our shared light. As we grow in authenticity we artfully uncover deeper truths about ourselves and our conversations change accordingly. Ideally we grow in wisdom and that certain peace which surpasses understanding.