Sacred Anatomy – The Seven Pulses (Part 4) – The Green Heart

The fourth center is the heart or Anahata. This vortex is associated with connection to the heart of the Earth and the group Heart-mind itself. It is through the heart that we connect deeply in a compassionate way with ourselves and others as Souls rather than simple physical, biological beings acting out patterned behaviors. This is, in my experience, the heart of the Greening, in which the tendrils of our individual hearts reach out to those we love and honor and link to in an intricately intimate way. We learn how to love in all ways in this place. There is no sense of power over in this space but rather a sacredness of interconnection and a dream of true intimacy. Like our Green siblings, the trees and plants of our Earth, we link together to share resources and communicate through the subtle turnings of our leaves in the wind. The heart of the Greening is associated with the color green and with the nerve plexus of the physical heart itself, which regulates the entire circulatory system. The heart of the Greening is also associated with the endocrine system, and the thymus gland. The thymus gland is typically associated with the mysterious im- mune system that protects us from disease. The thymus, although allopathically considered vestigial, boosts our ability to heal from and prevent disease by connecting with the larger group Heart-mind. It activates our ability to connect with universal Light to heal more quickly and efficiently than we ever could on our own.

Today I connect my heartbeat to the rhythms of Earth herself and clear the spaces between…

Love nurtured vines

We tone ourselves to subtle ways of existence. Vibrations we send out strum against those who hear and set the scales in which we dream our harmonies. 

The strumming of a harp echoes off the face of a gray eyed sea, who coos into the tiny ear of a blue eyed infant. This song melts through the child’s heart to be cried back again to the tide.

We are ourselves yet of like substance with those tethers that hold us close. Love nurtured vines grow in moments of pause, scattered rhythmically within the always moving waves, to wrap their arms around us, whispering of promises already kept & reminding of the wholeness in which we dance.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is artful connection between individuals. Artful implies there is a talent and a precision to it. It means that empathy is not some willy-nilly thing that just happens to us. Empathy clearly is a choice. Empathy is the art of when and how we bond with others. When we let down our barriers (and we all have barriers) then we can share a space with others. This space is the empathic connecting point. This is where You and I share space between us. This is where magic between beings happen. This is where true linking and communication is possible. This is where we share dreamscapes and healing touches with individuals within the group heart.

Empathy, in its pure state, is feeling for & with others through our connections in the Green heart. This is a beautiful, beautiful gift. It allows us to literally feel along with those around us. It allows us to keep our spaces honest and clear without the emotional murkiness that can so often underlay human to human interactions.

The Green Heart (by Heather Eggleston)

When we think of the Green we think of the way the trees in a forest connect to each other through their roots and how their leaves speak to each other without words. We think of how the roots pass nourishment one to the next. We think of how the human body speaks through the trees of the body and how neurotransmitters pass information to each organ fluidly and with precision.

When we think of the Green remember a willingness to grow outward allows us to grow inward. Expansion and deepening connects us to the realms here and to the Mystery.

The Green connects all the worlds and realms in the steady beating of the Heart.

The Green is the heart’s home.

The Green is group heart-mind and how we connect into it. It is our personal experience of sharing ourselves with others and nourishing the spaces within us by nourishing the spaces between us. No one exists in isolation, even those who are much alone.

Alone is always a lie when you recall the Earth herself speaks.

A Meditation on group-Heart and wisdom from the people of the Green (by Heather Eggleston)

Listen. This is your space to hear and feel. Know this. Settle in to your skin. Feel the edges of your form. Then feel the edges of your aura. Now pull your attention inward. And feel your center. It does not matter where the center of you is. For some the center may be the little toe on the right foot. For some it is in the heart or closer to the throat or in the gut or in the left shoulder. It is the center of you. Feel the center of you. If the center of you will move itself then let it move itself. let it flow and watch its movement without worries or without judging or thinking it. Just let it move and feel its movement and feel the patterns that follow in its moving. The center of things is never one place only. The center of things is never one heart only. It is all places and hearts. It is the waves of everything. The center of things is the place where the World Tree roots itself into the beginnings, ends, and betweens of all times. The axis mundi. The center of the Worlds. Feel this in you.

(Be Still)

Yes, as your attention settles into a space it may move. Laugh with this. Do not be frustrated or fearful as your center of motion shifts. Be everything at once.

(Be Still)

Now feel the center of things expand. Feel the single shifting point grow in detail and expand like a little pinprint growing larger. This center expands out like a big ball that holds you in the middle of it, bouncing with each thought, with each breath. Moving you with it, up and down, and up and down. Isn’t this fun? You are a great bouncing ball! Watch the world outside you as you bounce throughout time and throughout space. Dip your toes in the swirls of water of the Oceans as you bounce off the waves. Hear the Stars sing to you as you bounce through the heavens. Feel the warmth of the Sun as you bounce off its rays, allowing your own inner Star to flare in recognition and gratitude. A great cosmic bouncing ball.

(Be Still)

Now listen. Below you there is a beating. A drumming. A steady pulsing of slow, deep, drums. You feel this pulse outside you and suddenly, instantaneously, you feel it inside you as well. Steady, slow, pulsing. It vibrates in you like nothing you’d imagined. Your bouncing slows and the sphere around is drawn down, deep. Down where the beating becomes louder, echoing in your ears, pulling you into the body of Earth herself. Under Earth, in the crystalline structure below, you pulse, feeling yourself growing older, deeper, ancient. You begin to know the things of Stone. You feel the ages and cycles of Earths passed and yet to come in your bones as your bones slowly, so slowly remember they are Stone with the wisdom of all Creation in their structure. You are the skeleton of the Earth and the structure upon which all else is built. You are crystal, rock, sediment, and caves. You are the mountains that touch the sky. You carry the wisdom of ages in your bones. You are living, dynamic, pulsing. You are beating. You are drumming. You are Stone.

(Be Still)

Now feel the drum-beat in your heart. At first it may feel like an echo as the vibration carries itself through you. Allow your heartbeat and the pulsing of the Stone to wrap around each other until they become one rhythm.

(Be Still)

Now a wind moves over you and the slightest breath is whispered into your head. This breath, this blessing, touches your heart and as it does you are washed in the most verdant green you have ever imagined. Brighter than emeralds and deeper than forest canopies. As this green washes your heart it beats with greater life. Greater vitality. It beats with a solidity and purpose. And with each and every beat your heart expands, growing larger and larger. With each beat living, breathing vines grow in every direction. These tendrils grow out, reaching towards the world. They root in, reaching into Mystery. The grow in and out, up and down, reaching all directions at once, connecting the inner spaces to the outer spaces.

(Be Still)

As these vines grow, like tributaries from a central spring, they entwine their green fingers around the fingers of those closest to them, reaching for each other. Connecting heart to heart. Green to Green. As these beautiful connections are made feel the original breath of wind in your hair pass through each vein of Green from one tendril to the next as we pass the blessing to each other, letting it grow, knowing we are intimately connected. Feel nourishment pass through these external roots, feeding the deepest connections within. Feel empathy for all Creation in the beating of Our heart. Be there now.