Stone & Bone (Part 6) – The Nature of Bone

Structurally bones are, like Stone, very much alive. They are nourished by blood, innervated by the nervous system. They grow and cooperate with the rest of the larger organism. They adapt to stress, bleed when broken, and heal from cracks and fractures. Bones, like Stone, are far from static. They each have their own function within the body and share their wisdom with the whole.
We can extrapolate the esoteric function of bones through their practical functions. The human skeletal system has many jobs:

  1. The first job of the skeleton is to give structure to the human body. A house is not solid without a firm foundation, walls, and a roof. Without the skeleton the body is a pile of relatively soft tissue. Esoterically bones give context to our lives. They hold our memory and link us to the ancestors. Our family, tribe, past, and memory are the foundation for who we are and how we frame our existence.

  1. The second job is to protect the soft inner organs. Without the sternum and rib cage the heart and lungs are exposed and vulnerable. Esoterically our bones, the skeletal framework, keep us from being so energetically wide-open that we are unprotected from the world around us. Our heart is a very sacred place that connects us to the greater heartbeat of Earth, Stars, and to other beings. If we leave it wide open without the protective rib cage we could not manage our links to others and would be literally bled dry.

  1. The third job is to cooperate with the muscles to allow movement. Through the intricate system of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles the body moves through space. We carry our tribal and ancestral links with us in our very bones so we do not have to stay rooted to one place. We are able to translate our experiences to different geographical locations and times because we carry them within us. We are meant to move through time and space. The skeletal system records that movement and helps facilitate it.


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Stone & Bone (part 5) – The Nature of Bone

The Nature of Bone

As Stone is to Earth, so bone is to the human. The physical form is “deep consciousness.” It records the imprint of absolutely everything that happens to us. The body does not forget. Indeed, the body cannot forget. Each component of the physical form, the Temple1, records a particular aspect of experience.

The bones are calcified memory. The connective tissue and muscles wrap themselves around and through bone to connect, protect, and bring mobility. Together the bones and muscles are collective memory moving through space in a process of constant creation.

The skeletal system is the deepest layer of the human body. It is the framework and fundamental structure of the human architecture. The adult human has 206 bones, which are perfectly connected and balanced through the body. The smallest bone is in the ear and the largest bone is the thigh. Hundreds more are distributed in myriad shapes and sizes throughout the skeleton.2
The body is divided into two specific sections: the axial and appendicular skeletons. The axial skeleton consists of the central cord of the body from the skull through the vertebral column. The axial skeleton is extremely important as it contains all the chakra-pulses from the root at the base of the spine up through the crown at the top of the head. These seven centers serve as energy transmitters and translation units for Creation. The appendicular skeleton consists of the limbs (upper and lower), the shoulders, and the pelvis.

The vertebral column is the inner snake of the body. It is the holder of wisdom, transmitter of energy, and host to the seven sacred pulses. Light courses through the column and conducts via the nerves – those elegantly linked transmitters – to all parts of the sacred anatomy. The coccyx is the tailbone, which energetically translates the language of the deep earth and our primal, ancestral selves. It roots us to the past of the Earth as participants in the whole of all existence. The sacrum, which means sacred, is the skeletal balance point on which we pivot. When our sacrum is out of alignment then the rest of the body inevitably follows its mistunement and our entire vertebral snake is kinked and uncomfortable. We do not know how to position ourselves in this space and time.

1The body as Temple is an ancient truth. It is the embodied Soul.

2Moore, Keith L. and Agur, Anne M. Essential Clinical Anatomy: Third edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Baltimore. 2007. pp. 9-15 is a great source for the anatomy of bones.

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Stone & Bone (part 4) – Stone meditation

Stone Meditation

This meditation creates the empathic nexus between human and stone. It should be done each day for a week. The actual daily meditation session does not need to be long, five to ten minutes is a good start, but can last as long as you wish and you may easily fall into much longer trance states. It may be nice to fall asleep with the stone (provided it isn’t a boulder!) directly on your body as we tend to open far more in our sleep when the ego is quiet. The most important thing is that the effort is taken to engage with the stone as a person. Consider this series of meditations as your first date.


3 days on solar plexus – Allow the stone to rest for five to ten minutes, or longer, on your solar plexus. This introduces your essence to the stone. It is proper and respectful to let the stone get to know us first just as it is proper to introduce an elder first.
3 days on third eye – Allow the stone to tell us its stories and soak into our consciousness. This allows us to take in the essence of the stone. It is how we get to know it and show we are open to its wisdom and insight.
1 day on heart – During this time we blend Light with the stone, create an empathic connection, and become allies with the stone.

Feel the voice of the stone first through pulsing/vibration. Then allow that vibration to echo in your bones, creating a memory/emotion. Settle into the emotion-memory and allow photographic images, voice, or physical sensations such as heat or tingling to unfold. This is the Stone speaking. Be respectful, as you are listening/speaking with an Elder. Do not rush or push or feel frustrated. This may take time. You are learning a new language. Allow your imagination to run, as imagination is the doorway to Truth.

Following any communication it is beneficial to journal notes so you don’t forget. The meditative state can be sometimes nebulous and dreamy and so the impressions may not be immediately understandable. However, writing down exactly what you observe, even if it is absolutely nothing, reinforces your commitment to the relationship. Observations can be colors that come to mind, forgotten memories, the face of a loved one, chills against the skin, or any other millions of possibilities. Diligently catalog these observations and the emotional recall associated and the stone will recognize your willingness to commune and your ability to understand will unfold more and more.

Journal questions:

1. What did you experience? This may be very subtle, such as a slight cooling or warming or a shift of mood and attention.

2. Did you retrieve a memory or an emotion? While you may not originally attribute this to the communication with the stone, pay attention to patterns. Different stones will evoke different emotions.

3. What essence did you take from this meeting? What flavor, texture, or mood stays with you?

4. How does the stone feel to you? Does it feel like a friend? A healer? A teacher? A confidant?

5. Are you compatible? Do you feel comfortable with this stone? Does it challenge or evoke strong reactions?

It is important to thank the stone following your communications. Remember, you are bending your mind to think of each member of Creation as a person and so, even if it seems silly at first, act as respectful as you would to another human being. Humility charms.

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The States of Light (Part 1)

We are children of the Divine parents. Our Mother is the Light who wove us into form and our Father is the Breath who animated us with his kiss. While it is not necessary to accept this in a literal or theological way it offers a mythic framework from which to understand existence. Parental relationships are familiar and though often wrought with insecurities and issues we all came into this world from parents in some way. It is an easy transition from physical parents to knowing the primary forces of the Universe as parents. Maia, Ma, Mary, all are names of the Mother of Manifestation. Abba, Papa, Da, all are names for the Father and they all point to the pre-existent archetypes1 who are the parents of the First Born.

There is no dogma nor creed to which one must ascribe to open this path since all paths lead to the All. The particular framework, metaphor, or spiritual understanding offered here is organic, practical, and change- able with the seasons. The pathway weaves through us, tumbling our understandings to wisdom as we walk the labyrinth of our lives.

All is Love. Our Mother is She who shares her Light and our Father is He who shares his Breath. They are closer to us than anything could be because they are us. That is not to say we are little megalomaniacs running around hollering about how we are God but that we are literally made from the substance of our Divine parents. This is not merely mystical or allegorical. It is actual. The sooner we realize this (know it in our very cells) the sooner we grow into full participants in cosmic adulthood. And that’s where we are headed.

There cannot be Father without Mother nor Mother without Father. They are equal forces in all ways. Only those who manipulate power structures pretend to a toxic hierarchy of gender Divinity. The Taoist sacred symbol of the yin-yang dances before us, reminding us of ancient truths. The Parents wrap around one another, taking the essence of the Other inside. They are one being with two essences or two beings with one essence. Neither is superior and their brilliance is in perfect balance. The yin is receptive, dark, cool, wet, and deep. The yang is thrusting, bright, hot, and dry. All creation is born from the blending of these two primary forces. All energy is sexual. It is breath into light (matter) and light exhaling breath in a manner that is completely and intricately synchronized. It is the eternal kiss. We as individuals are a balance of yin and yang, Light and Breath. And when we interact with others it is in a constant dance of these same primal energies.

Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 9)

S – 19/1 – The serpent of wisdom. The pathway, labyrinth, sacred spiral, walking the mysteries. S is the sliding snake with its hissing promise of life (and some would say sin). The S takes the seeker into the self and offers the path of Light (the right hand path) or the path of Dark (the left hand path) into wisdom. The snake does not judge which will lead the seeker to greater wisdom and merely twists her way up and down the ladder knowing that all paths lead to the All. The glyph of the right and left (sinister) paths offers a closed vessel in which both paths (left and right) join to form the Whole. Night and Day embrace.

S-ah, S-aa, S-ae, S-eh, S-ee, S-I, S-i, S-oh, S-uh, S-oy. Savior, selection, self, science, solider, seer, secret, service, sacred, sacrifice.

Now S is often paired with H (which denotes the ladder itself). In these sounds the Divine breath is added, softening the sybilliant S into a gentle shhh.

Sh-ah, Sh-aa, Sh-ae, Sh-eh, Sh-ee, Sh-I, Sh-i, Sh-oh, Sh-uh, Sh-oy

T – 20/2 – The tree of life; wisdom through sacrifice; balance through surrender. It is the perfect balance of the elements in the living form of the great tree. When we hang on the great tree we realize we are participants in the balance of the natural world and so we learn to listen. This listening is what brings us to wisdom and sacrifice of what we thought we know to the greater reality. We reach our arms to the heavens and embrace.

T-ah, T-aa, T-ae, T-eh, T-ee, T-I, T-i, T-oh, T-uh, T-oy.

U is the chalice, the cup that holds the waters of life. It is also a sigil of the moon (waxing and waning) as it moves in 3D. With the O it is considered the horns of the Moon as seen in Egyptian art as the crown of Hathor/Isis. It is the vessel of Divine waters. A very intuitive letter it contains wisdom and mystery in its depths and can seem unfathomable. 21/3.

V – 22/4 – The vagina, vessel, bringing the creative form of U into manifestation. U and V were originally the same letter but U ended up representing the vowel sound and V was sharped to consonant form. W and V were also related and in fact are in some languages (German) the W is pronounced as V. So what does this triplicity mean? Well, U is the chalice, the archetypal cup that holds the waters of life. V is the solid state of this. It is the womb of woman herself. It is the vessel. W is the liquid dreamworlds. Glyph with the shadow V and we have the W.

V-ah, V-aa, -Vae, V-eh, V-ee, V-I, V-i, V-oh, V-uh, V-oy. Vagina, vessel, vast, vat, vase, voice, vote.

W – 23/5 – The liquid dreamworlds and the inverse of M, our Mother in manifestation, W is our Mother as the keeper of waters and infinity. She is the greater Vessel from which dreams (including this dream we are all sharing) are poured. There is a softness and an unfathomable depth to the W. We will follow its whispers into the wild wonder as we wish upon a star and ask who, what, why, where, and when do we welcome the ways of wisdom.

W-ah, W-aa, W-ae, W-eh, W-ee, W-I, W-i, W-oh, W-uh, W-oy. Wish, wisdom, wine, wicked, willow, wonder. All these words welcome worlds within.

X – 24/6 – The cross; crossroads; choice; demarkation; four directions. X may be the most symbolic of the alphabet symbols. It has been used to “mark the spot” and to designate an unknown (mathematically and in the concept of X-factor). Used as a sign for the nameless ones it has some mystery to it. It is where the roads cross and the factors meet. It is here. X is the space outside of space and the crossroads where you sell your soul for a guitar. It is also a ks. It is a vowel-less kiss (XOXO) with which we mark our lovers. It means I was here and may be someday again. It becomes a mark of identity, of place, and of mystery. It does not start words but lays hidden subtly within them. Exist, exit, exhaust, hex, sexual, luxurious. On the rare occasions we ask X to lead he borrows his sound from Z.

Y – 25/7 – the fork in the road; the trinity; union of man and woman; sexual mysteries. Y is the V meeting the I and so sacred sexuality. It is the coming together of the two to make the third. It is the trinity itself (as a seven, this is appropriate). Its shadow glyph is identical to itself and it multiplies over and over again as a part of a holographic whole. Its glyph is two people raising their hands and reaching to the sky and as they multiply more hands are raised to the sky. Remember oi? It is a blessing to the heavens.

Y-ah, Y-aa, Y-ae, Y-eh, Y-ee, Y-I, Y-i, Y-oh, Y-uh, Y-oy. This is the sound of the affirmative. Yes, ya, yo, yep.

Z – 26/8 – Lightning bolt, as above so below. Z is for ziggurat. This is the letter that connects with the Divine power. It is the sign of Zeus and the sound for Zero (the Divine number). It is zippy and zesty and strong. It combines with its shadow to create an inverted pyramid (a ziggurat in reverse) perfectly balanced on its (inverted) apex. It is the tower of Babel and the voice of the divine on Earth.

Z-ah, Z-aa, Z-ae, Z-eh, Z-ee, Z-I, Z-i, Z-oh, Z-uh, Z-oy.

Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 8)

M – Resonates to 13/4; Manifestation; The cycle of creation and destruction; up and down the mountain. The M is the letter of motherhood (and of the mother herself). In original Semitic language the ‘M’ was the symbol for Water and the principle idea is we are all born of Water (the embryonic fluids). And so M (and its inverted W) is both the waters and the earth (both the feminine elements) and we walk the mountains as we ride the waves of existence. The shadow of M is an exact reflection of itself (as with H). So M is Mother/Matter and it goes on and on, replicating itself, shadowing itself, and complete within itself.

M-ah, M-aa, M-ae, M-eh, M-ee, M-I, M-i, M-oh, M-uh, M-oy. Ma is the oldest, most universal word for Mother. Maa-ternal. Mary. Mara. Mar (the Sea). Me denotes the self in manifestation (as opposed to the monad as I). My. Maia. Mai. Month. Menses. Moon. Mother.

N – Resonates to 14/5; Perfect balance of masculine and feminine; mirror images; the balancing of different forms; balance of emotion and mind. In Phoenician the N was fish, which is in our astrological glyphs is Pisces. Like Pisces N reflects itself in the waters of M. N also is the sound of negation. When we are born out of the embryonic mothering fluids we must learn to differentiate ourselves and N forces us to do that. N with its mirroring tricks us into self-awareness and knowing. N teaches us who we are by showing us who we are not. As we follow the Socratic dictate to “Know Ourselves” we embrace the power of Narcississ who fell in love with his own Nature (his shadow reflection) to be pulled back into the Piscean waters and learned his own Numinous Name.

N-ah, N-aa, N-ae, N-eh, N-ee, N-I, N-i, N-oh, N-uh, N-oy. Native, Nature, Nay, Not, No, Nin, Naught. My nature is fished from the sea of Oneness with nets of nots. I am not my mother, father, sister, political persuasion, etc. I become more than a reflection and embrace the whole.

O is the wholeness from which we are born and to which we return. It is the womb and tomb and the Oh-ceanic reality. It is the Sphere. 🙂 It is self-enclosed and private and enigmatic. It resonates to 15/6 and so it offers boundaries to those within its heart.

P – Resonates to 16/7; Halving the whole; diagnostics; seeing the pieces of the whole. P is half of B and in many languages it is pronounced as ‘B’. But in English we have P, which is oftentimes silent (as in (pneumatics, pneumonia) and the P denotes something learned and detailed. It is as if it says: pay attention, this is complicated. Start thinking, diagnosing, etc. There is something to be parsed here. When P is voiced it is with a part of B (a particulate who participates). P is half a B (the twins) and so the intellect of seven is called into place to define the terms. The shadow is a simple reflection but when placed together you have a sphere with a line drawn through it, dividing the whole to divine the whole. This is an oracular power, a potential, and a purpose. It is by seeing the pieces of the whole we can playfully pursue our paths.

P-ah, P-aa, P-ae, P-eh, P-ee, P-I, P-i, P-oh, P-uh, P-oy. Pater (father) is part of Ma-tter. We must pay the piper as we pursue our paths. We parse the parts on the pie-chart.

Q – 17/8; The tail; The shadow of power; knowing one’s own shadow and carrying it close. Q is the tail extending from the great whole. It is the shadow of the whole (and the idea of separation from the whole) yet it is inherently attached and cannot be otherwise. So the shadow of Light that extends into the depths. Its sound is reminiscent of K (and C) and is only voiced in combination with U (Qu) as in quill, quit, quiet, quark, quarrel and so on. So the Q shadows the O and then is followed by the U who holds everything within. OQU has the Whole with its shadow being held in the chalice of the Holy. We only find the Grail when we face the shadow.

R – 18/9 – Rays of the Sun; benevolence and absolute power. This is the I sending out Light and is associated with all things Regal, Royal, and Kingly. Rex, Resurrection, Renewal. Ra, of course, is the solar God from which so much of the later kingly iconography was adopted. The original Semitic symbol meant ‘head’ (or Crown). Place the shadow R and the glyph is a crown on the kingly head. Resonating to 9 this is the crown of the benevolent royal one who was once not just the secular ruler but also a personal aspect of the Divine. Divine rule/law is bestowed via the R.

R-ah, R-aa, R-ae, R-eh, R-ee, R-I, R-i, R-oh, R-uh, R-oy. Of the vowel sounds most are regal. Ra, Ray, Rex, Regulatory, Royal.

Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 6)

E is the line of “I” with principle pathways sending out. This is the symbol and magic of incarnation and experience. When you see an I you have an identity and the E is the identity (Soul) sending itself out into various pathways. Those pathways dream themselves into different forms and yet are always connected to the I.

F – Resonates to 6; The drawing down of experience and limiting of options. It is a reaction to the many changes within the bold E, who sends itself out and out. F draws back and (f)ocuses on one or two paths. F is the letter for family, which is associated with 6. The shadow F is the denial of (f)aith (known as (f)utility and the combination is the sigil for the world tree itself (the cross).

F is a soft sound that has to force breath through the teeth and lips. It is not bold on its own but takes shape with other sounds. Hold the sound ‘f’. F-ah, F-aa, F-ae, F-eh, F-ee, F-I, F-i, F-Oh, F-oo, F-uh, F-oy. Fah is the beginning of the word Father and holds a feeling of being held in check. Fae is (of course) a word used for the Otherworldly shining ones. The Fa-tae were the Fates who were present at the birth and death of each child. The great mothers who were midwives between the realms.

G – Resonates to 7: Draws the secrets of C back into itself. C is the feminine moony curve and I is the line of the Soul. G synthesizes these two images connecting (and cradling) the Soul in the embrace of the mysterious moon. G connects the Soul to the mysteries. The shadow of G (like the aspects of C) is the waxing G in which the secrets grow and the Soul takes in more and more light, growing towards an O. The G sigil is the personal cycle of waxing and waning. It connects us to all the cycles.

G has its own hard sound (and in Grace) but also shares a sound with J (as in gene). But as a seven resonant sound it is idiosyncratic and distinct. Hold the sound ‘g’. G-ah, G-aa, G-ae, G-eh, G-ee, G-I, G-i, G-Oh, G-oo, G-uh, G-oy. Gaea or Gaia or Ge is the Greek Goddess sound. She is the Goddess of the Earth’s soul and so is the manifestation of mystery. Gahd is such a sound. The manifestation of the great Ah closed by the Door of manifestation. Grace Grows where we Green. G is where we connect to the mysterious.

H – Resonates to 8; The power of the ladder to the Heavens and back. Jacob’s ladder. H is the ladder of 11 with a step. And so it is literally the letter that connects us to the heavens. H is the letter of breath and as such it is used to denote the sacred. Holy, hierophant, hieroglyphic, Hera. H is not so much the first letter as an indicator that whatever follows has been infused with Breath. 8, of course, is infinity and H is the ladder to infinity. The shadow of H is identical to H. As above, so below.

H is pure breath and as such it does not have voice without other sounds following it. H-ah, H-aa, H-ae, H-eh, H-ee, H-I, H-i, H-oh, H-uh, H-oy. Hel, Heaven, Hate, Holy. Heal. All is blessed.

Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 5)

Much as the vowels are the major arcana the consonants are the minor. They define the story of the vowels, giving them shape and dimension. Consonants are the colors on the canvas and the flavor in the coffee. They work within the dreamers to manifest the darkness and the light in each letter. Each of the consonants has an aspect that is bright and one that is dark, just as each one of us does. None of us are completely one thing or the other and each letter has that multiplicity. And so we look at the geometry of this. The sound of it is within the geometry (one is Light (geometry) and one is Breath (sound)). Each shape has its seen and unseen forms (the reflection of the shape we see, the shadow shape). Consider one glyph the day and the other the night.

A consists of the divine creative (fire) triangle with legs deep into the earth. So it holds all Creative power within it and draws deep. It holds the sky at its pinnacle and the roots within. All symbols have a natural corollary or they will not resonate with us. A is the mountain and the sky and the earth and it has the triangle of fire within it. A is the alpha (beginning) and so it holds the seeds of manifestation within it. Resonates to 1.

B – Resonates to 2; the phallic line touches the curves of the feminine breasts to balance each other. This is a symbol of birth. The twins are born from the womb of the Mother. This is the beginning of division as the soul is split into to clear parts. The night shape of the B sends the twins back into the womb and so B becomes the tomb.

Hold the sound ‘b’. B-ah, B-aa, B-ae, B-eh, B-ee, B-I, B-i, B-Oh, B-oo, B-uh, B-oy with each of the vowel sounds. The word Ba in Egyptian was the sound of the ghost-part of the soul, the psyche and personality (as opposed to the Ka, the divine part of the soul). Be in English is the word that denotes existence. Beau is the beloved.

C – Resonates to 3; The crescent moon that contains secrets within its arms but sends them out into the world. C is a U tipped on its side and U is the chalice, the keeper of secrets. The moon herself is often associated with the secrets of night and the keeper of such. The shape of the C is in the form of the waning moon. When we are born into existence we are constricted into form. The path of the seeker is to go into the night and tip the polarity of the C and become the waxing moon. When we expand our Light (rather than restricting it) we become a brighter light in the night’s sky.

Hold the sound ‘c’. C-ah, C-aa, C-ae, C-eh, C-ee, C-I, C-i, C-Oh, C-oo, C-uh, C-oy with each of the vowel sounds. Now C takes the sound of two other letters (K and S) so we must look at them together. C is a symbol associated with the Moon, who reflects the light of the Sun and is associated with mutability and so it reflects the sounds of these other two strong letters. C as a K sound is benevolent and is the ladder of 11 bent in order to continue to give (Boddhisatva) and so it has a hard sound of manifestation. C as S invokes the labyrinth and the serpent of wisdom, bending itself into the hidden secrets. Where C as K is obvious and powerful C as S is subtle and sometimes slippery. So C itself has three totally different faces and holds the trinity within itself. Wax, wane, and full faced C is the triplicity of the Moon.

D – Resonates to 4; The doorway into manifestation and the stable square. It draws the boundaries around the possibility of C and closes the gaps, hiding the secrets within its closed self. D is very private and requires the appropriate key of knowledge (see K). It’s reverse is the swinging door into the Underworld. The deep places and the reservoir of hidden things. It is tantalizing and locked. It is the veil of the unconscious as we lock ourselves into materiality.

Hold the sound ‘d’. D-ah, D-aa, D-ae, D-eh, D-ee, D-I, D-i, D-Oh, D-oo, D-uh, D-oy. The sound is a hard sound reminiscent of a knocking door. D-ah and D-aa are both in English words for father (daddy). The father is often considered the rule-keeper and boundary maker. The archetype of father is just that, the one who draws the lines. Dee is the great Elizabethan magician who translated the angelic script of ceremonial magic. D-I is the closing off of the line of the soul within manifestation. Doo is making things happen. Duh and Doy are fun too. 🙂

Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 4)

A consists of the divine creative (fire) triangle with legs deep into the earth. So it holds all Creative power within it and draws deep. It holds the sky at its pinnacle and the roots within. All symbols have a natural corollary or they will not resonate with us. A is the mountain and the sky and the earth and it has the triangle of fire within it. A is the alpha (beginning) and so it holds the seeds of manifestation within it.


E is the line of “I” with principle pathways sending out. This is the symbol and magic of incarnation and experience. When you see an I you have an identity and the E is the identity (Soul) sending itself out into various pathways. Those pathways dream themselves into different forms and yet are always connected to the I.


I is the line of the Soul. It is the presence of being after having been birthed from the great O. It is no accident that I is the word we wind our purpose around as the article of self-knowledge. The I is the monad and the soul itself. Also remember it resonates to the number 9 in English so it is the fulfillment of the human cycle. This is the symbol of the ego elevated who offers service towards enlightenment.


O is the wholeness from which we are born and to which we return. It is the womb and tomb and the Oh-ceanic reality. It is the Sphere. It is self-enclosed and private and enigmatic. Remember it resonates to 15/6 and so it offers boundaries to those within its heart.


U is the chalice, the cup that holds the waters of life. It is also a sigil of the moon (waxing and waning) as it moves in 3D. With the O it is considered the horns of the Moon as seen in Egyptian art as the crown of Hathor/Isis. It is the vessel of Divine waters. A very intuitive letter it contains wisdom and mystery in its depths and can seem unfathomable. 21/3.



Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 3)

Sacred geometry! Before we talk about the shapes of the symbols we must review sacred geometry in connection to numerology.

O Wholeness is a point (or sphere)

1 is a line (initiation)

2 are two connecting lines (balance)

3 is a triangle (creation)

4 is a square (stability)

5 is a pentagon (change)

6 is a star of david (harmony)

7 is a seven pointed star (mystery)

8 is an octagon (power)

9 is the triplicity (love)

11 is the ladder to the stars and back

22 is the mysteries manifest

So now remove your intellect and let’s look at the numbers as shapes only and see what they tell us about themselves. Remember these symbols are not static. They are 3-dimensional, movable, and are filled with Light and Breath and as such they should be turned around, played with, and will give us insight as we play.

O/0 and I/1 are the only two symbols that have dual-usage in the English glyphs.

0 is the Sphere. It is that which embraces everything bright and dark and all paths lead to it. It is the Mother of the celestial orbs. It is the point from which everything is born and it is completely whole and the embrace of the All. It is the womb and tomb. It is entering the unknown. It is the round and as such the feminine who receives everything.

It is an OH-pening. The O is an oh-pening to the great Divine just as the Mother is an Opening to the earth and to the stars. She opens the doors.

The sound: (z) eh (r) oh

eh – the divine outpouring over the waters

oh – the embrace of the Mother

I/1 is the line. The line is the beginning of self-actualization and the masculine thrust into and out of the feminine womb. 1 is the number of the phallus and potentiation. Its magic is the ability to draw boundaries and mark territories. It is the beginning of power as an active force in the world. It marks the birth and beginning of the soul’s journey. Osiris/Jospeh. Fire.

1 is the boundary between this world and that. When the father thrusts through to manifestation via the Oh-pening of the Mother he begins to lay down the laws of a natural order. This is the beginning of the law-making and the first boundary line. This is the veil.

The sound: (w) Uh (n)

Uh – The sound of eternity, imminence and destiny

2 – Reintroduces the feminine to the masculine line with her curvaceous touch. Remember two is about balance and partnership. Put a mirror image next to the 2 and what do you see? A heart on a stable line. Isis/Mary. Water.

The sound: t (oo)

The listener, the echo

2 begins duality. The monad is divided into two souls, the twins, and they are lifted into a dance of manifestation. From their love is born all of Creation and between them they hold the heart of things. They share one heart although they are two beings.

3 – The masculine 1 plus the feminine 2 yields the divine child, 3. Three is the creative impulse, which is magic. This is the child of promise being rocked or nursed. He is being thrust out into the world to make his mark. Horus/Jesus. Air.

Within three is the breath of blessing from the two. They send out their mist and bless the world with the promise of multiplicity. Three mixes breath and light to create. Three is the first spoken word from which all else is born.

The sound: (thr) ee

Vitalization and pulsing

4 – 4 is the balancing of the energy of 3 in which the creative potential is grounded, made useful, and becomes formed. And so the symbol is squared/closed and the energy is harnessed. Earth.

Four is the beginnings of life itself. This is where actual manifestation occurs. The heart of humanity is born here and the actual form of the group mind and those empathic nexus routes are here in four.

The sound: (f) uh (r)

imminence, holding destiny

5 – Like a rocking chair, 5 finds its balance in movement. It rocks on the fulcrum of its base, gaining momentum from its own movement to breathe new life into that which it faces.

Five sends itself out into experiences, adventures, and many forms. It is rhythm. It is rocking and rolling! It is the drum-beat that makes us move and dance. It is creative fiery impulses and the energy to follow through on them.

6 – The thrusting line wraps into itself as it instantly transforms into the feminine round. The music of family, dreams, and purposeful living are held within the six. This is the holding of the masculine seed within the feminine womb.

Six wants to wrap herself around everything and so she creates a sacred space to do this. She is all about space and making spaces and opening spaces and dreaming spaces. She holds her spaces in her embrace and is the O in form.

The sound: (s) i (x)

Teaches giving, benevolent, Queen

7 – Seven, like the lightening bolt, reaches down to the Earth and back up to the sky. It is a penetrating number. It brings the mysteries of the sky down to earth and up again. It does not create but it transmutes and makes the transcendent imminent.

7 wants to know! 7 is the mysteries brought into form. It is the 1 in form who is always reaching and stretching back to the stars. 7 is the bridge between the sky and the ground. The stars and the earth. This is why seven is the warrior-priest. He knows the mysteries and dies to them. The number of the twice born.

The sound: s (eh) v (eh) n

The desire to actively bless

8 – Eight is the symbol of infinity. It is two spheres interconnecting in a rhythmic embrace. Recall eight is the number of power and true power comes when one realizes she is embraced by the whole and then begins to participate by embracing the whole back.

Eight has died to the mysteries and now embraces them and is embraced by them. She is the balance of inner and outer work. She balances the orbs of the sun and the moon in her flowing arms and as such becomes power manifest.

The sound: ae (t)

The practical priest, the grounded primal sigh

9 – 9 is the six reversed. As six holds her sacred space within her; nine pours his sacred space without. This is the spilling of the seed rather than the holding of the seed. This is the sexual act from the male perspective in which he sends himself out as a gift to humanity.

The sound: (n) I (n)

One who gives; the ego elevated