Suit of Stones – Four

Once you’ve created a life of purpose in which the Soul is encouraged to sing its own Song you may reach a state of comfortable stability. The dreaming, hard-work, and integrity paid off and you have achieved a sense of security. Congratulations! It is time to take a vacation, invest in someone else’s future, explore expansion and growth, and just relax a little bit. Unfortunately, the danger of such hard-earned stability is that it can easily be turned by the spirit of greed. You’ve worked hard, accomplished something, and now need a good rest. And so the inclination may be to hold on to what you’ve earned and keep your resources close. This can, of course, be perfectly appropriate. The Four of Stones teaches us to secure our boundaries, make rules, and keep our foundations stable. It is of vital importance to learn how to make appropriate boundaries in life so that we are not blown over by the next big wind. Our boundary-making becomes tainted, though, when we lock ourselves inside our boundaries, refusing to share that which we’ve earned. Whenever we enter a space of stability we must first give thanks for what we have and then look around to make sure that we’re not holding on inappropriately to anything in our lives. This includes resources, relationships, ideas, and anything else we may start to think of as “our own.” When we create, we are participating in Holy alchemy, which is dynamic. Whenever we hoard we create an energetic stasis, which will have to be adjusted for somewhere else in our lives.
Resources – financial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual – are meant to be free-flowing and dynamic. While it is absolutely appropriate to save for a rainy day, enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and secure our foundations, these practical considerations may be tainted by underlying anxiety and fear of losing what we’ve worked for. When these factors are our motivating forces then all the stability in the world won’t make us feel safe. No matter how many houses we may own or investment bankers are managing our assets, we still struggle with security. Greed is the crystalized fear of starvation and it is the demon of our age. When we hold back and hoard out of fear we participate in this demonic influence.

  1. What makes many of those who have the most security seem the most fearful to lose it?

  2. What makes you feel safe? Have you ever felt absolutely secure? What do you imagine could make you feel secure? Is your sense of stability related to financial independence? Or is it related to something more spiritual or abstract? If it is financial, then is it a certain amount of money in the bank account? Is there ever “enough” to make you feel secure?

  3. When you have been in a space of feeling lack in your life, what is your natural instinct? Is it to hold back and conserve? Or is it to expand outward? Light follows thought. Explore the bodily sensory emotion of both of these options. How does it feel to hold back in your body? How does it feel to expand in your body? Which state do you think is more natural to generating more wisdom, wealth, and joy?

  4. Now step beyond financial considerations and think on other resources. Where may you hoard in your life? Knowledge? Intimacy? Kindness? Time? Look at your relationships and with whom and when you are most generous. The path of Wisdom requires us to look unflinchingly at all aspects of our life. Understand it is important to secure your boundaries and maintain your spaces but it is also important to know when that appropriate maintenance turns to fear.

If the four of Stone appears in your spread, congratulations! You have achieved a sense of stability. Now it’s time to make sure your boundaries are secure so that you may enjoy your stability. Now beware of holding back out of fear of losing what you’ve worked for. Check to make sure you aren’t hiding behind thick castle walls, counting your gold coins while those around you starve. Remember we must give to get and spend to earn. Dynamic flow is required for abundance in all things.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

The Suit of Stones – Three

Once we decide to step onto a path, any path, we begin the process of Creation. We are building a life for ourselves and so gather the resources and support system needed to map our future. The creative process is truly a magical experience. A life of purposeful success is alchemical. It requires a careful blend of passion, know-how, innocent trust, and tenacity. And the three of Stone encourages us to consider what makes our heart sing and excites our Soul’s voice, make a plan to accomplish those things, and bring the dream into manifestation.
When you were in second grade, what did you want to be when you grew up? How about eighth grade? College? Is the old passion of the dreams of your younger self in your life now? Joseph Campbell, scholar, mythologist, and sage of the twentieth century wrote: “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.1” When we live in alignment with our passions we are capable of accomplishing far more than we ever imagined. The trick, though, is truly follow your bliss. Not the career path that was chosen for you, the practical one, or the “safe bet.” Rather it is stepping into the wild and doing what only you can do. Each one of us is capable of tremendous creativity but it must be infused with our essence. Creation without passion is not craftsmanship but manufacturing.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the life you wish to create. Do not make it about things, although it is perfectly appropriate to have things, but rather about your purpose within that life. Step back from what is practical and into what is possible. Don’t try to make a map on how to get there just yet but rather just experience the flavor of purpose. It is less about what you do than about who you are and how you affect the world around you. Taste the possibilities. Dream. Were you able to easily access a blissed and purposeful life? Or is it a stretch? Keep playing until it is easy to experience yourself in a purposeful state.

  2. Now step back from the dream and place yourself into your position now. How aligned is your life now with the dream of the life of bliss? Bring the state of bliss into your life now and begin the steady process of integrating the feeling of bliss into your day-to-day life. This will allow you to follow the emotional resonance “home” as you create your future.

  3. If you are dissatisfied with your present life it’s time to make some nuts and bolts changes. This doesn’t (necessarily) mean quitting your job and joining a rock band but it may mean dusting off your guitar, inviting over friends, and enjoying music. Or it may mean looking at a certificate program in permaculture, or finally taking a creative writing class at the community college.

  4. Look at the people in your life and consider their influence on your motivation. Do they encourage your dreams by seeing the good in you or do they tear you down to keep you small? Or perhaps it is somewhere in the middle. Really take an inventory of how your relationships affect you. This is not to blame anyone else but rather to see how you’ve structured your life to be Loving and expansive or, perhaps, small and restrictive.

When the three of Stones is in your spread it is time to create. Make plans, collaborate, explore possibilities, and begin to make a map of not only where you are going but where you have been. Are you engaged with passionate possibilities or are you making do with what’s “practical.” Begin to redefine the terms of your life so they match your dreams.

1Campbell, Joseph. The Power of Myth.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

The Suit of Stones – Two

The two of Stone is the beginning of choice. Once we have looked backwards from where we’ve come and begun to interpret how our ancestral inheritance influences our way of being in the world, we must choose whether we wish to play out those ancestral patterns in our own lives. The choice on the path of Wisdom is: “will I honor my ancestors by being my own player or will I act in the role “written” for me by my familial patterns?” At this point we must look carefully at our individual ideas about filial piety and respect in conjunction with what it means to be one’s own person.

Most religious traditions have an inherent rule of elder respect. The Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments instruct us to: “Honor thy Father and thy Mother.1” Confucianism, which still strongly influences the relational dynamics in China and Chinese influenced cultures, places emphasis on filial piety and appropriate respect within the societal power structures. The principle of hsaio states that because of the great sacrifices parents make for their children the child is responsible for bringing honor to the family, sharing their physical and spiritual resources with their parents, and furthering their parents’ values even after their death.2 In ancient Rome the paterfamilias had absolute power over his family, including slaves. It was only with his blessing that a baby lived or died, and he was the only property owner until his death. Even grown sons were dependent upon his benevolence for their households. With such familial power structures in our not so ancient past, it is unsurprising that the path of Wisdom starts with choosing to be one’s own person.

  1. In your family of origin, what does it mean to “respect my elders?” Is there an inherent implication that my choices must be approved by my parents (and grandparents and so on)? What are the consequences for disobeying or stepping outside of the family’s approval? Have you ever stepped outside of familial approval?

  2. Was a particular role written for you in your family? Perhaps the eldest child as surrogate parent? Or the black-sheep? Or everyone’s baby? How has that role affected you into your adult life? Do you find yourself still playing it and most importantly does it actually fit you as a person? Do you wish to move out of the constraints of such roles in your life?

  3. Were you expected to step into a certain career path, spiritual faith, or political affiliation? Have you found yourself deviating from those expectations? What has been the effect of relationships because of such deviation?

  4. Is it possible in your life to “respect your elders” and still be autonomous and independent? How can you reconcile your unique voice and the expectations of the Ancestors?

When the two of Stone enters your spread consider the choices you’ve made, the roles you may still play, and how you can make those roles work for you rather than merely fulfilling expectations of others. Look at what choices are placed in front of you now and weigh them carefully against your own heart, desires, and dreams. When it comes time to act, act in accordance with your heart and your Soul’s purpose.

1Exodus 20:12

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

The Suit of Stone – Ace of Stone

Stone and the wisdom in the bones. Ancient knowledge. True wealth. Connection to the tribe. This suit is an offering to the old ones and the skeletal structure of the earth. We connect to the realm of Stone through our bones. It is shared memory, tribal continuity, the nearness of our ancestors in daily life, and the divination of Earth. Stone is fiercely practical and relates strongly to survival but also the continuation of life after death. The original wealth was the ore and gems brought up from the deep places of the earth such as caves and mines. These were mined from the domain of the dead, which is ruled by Pluto, the Greek god of wealth and death and by Hel, the Norse goddess, mistress of death and keeper of crystal caves. These great beings remind us that all wealth is temporarily loaned to the living and returns to the dead with the mortal’s passing. The wealth of gems and jewels from the deep places of Earth is related to the true wealth that is ancestral memory, continuity, and wisdom. And so the art of geomancy, divination through communication with stone and bone, connects the realm of Stone and Bone to the human consciousness. Stone shows us the path of Wisdom.
The Ace of Stones holds the promise of true wealth through worldly wisdom. When you draw this card your ancestors are calling you to explore the power in your bones. You are beginning a journey, which will culminate in knowing yourself more deeply than you may have imagined possible. The Ace of Stones is the promise of worldly success. It is the path of going through the gateway into the realm of Stone to learn the meaning of wealth, what it means to succeed, and how to connect with the Old Ones and ancestors.

  1. Who are your ancestors? Where do you come from? Delve into your history of place and person. Look at the traditional ways of your ancestry and how those ways have changed in contemporary times. Are there remnants of your ancestral lineage in family traditions, foods, or ways of being? Or have they been lost in assimilation?

  2. What does success mean in your family? Is it financial? Or does it have a more subtle intrinsic value? Do you feel successful?

  3. How do you understand wealth? What role does it play in your life? Where are you abundant and where do you feel lack?

  4. Consider how wealth, abundance, and wisdom have played roles in your parents’ lives. Now your grandparents’ lives. Are you playing out their issues with wealth and poverty in your own? Do you wish to re-weave these threads and heal them in yourself?

As we move through the suit of Stone you will explore the ancestral voices and how they continue to live through you.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

Stone & Bone (Part 10) – The Family Tree

Meditation: The Family Tree

Allow yourself to fall into a relaxed state. Feel where your body touches the floor and imagine you are in a great forest. You are seated in a virgin forest in which the canopy of trees covers your head and your heartbeat blends in with the sound of birds and the scurrying of animals. Every breath is fresh and the air tastes like purity. You are in a place that has never heard the sound of car horns. It has never tasted the flavor of exhaust or felt concrete poured over its tannin-scented floor. It is ancient, complete, and absolute in of itself and with each breath you take you become more and more a part of it. This primordial forest is the home of the Mother tree. The tree from which all our lineages are born. The Mother tree whose heart-mind nourishes and feeds all other trees in this cycle, in this existence. Know that She, the Mother tree, is near, with a voice that speaks through every leaf and nourishes through every root.

Now imagine a tree that is near you. A tree that speaks to you in a language your Soul instinctively knows. This tree speaks to you by calling your own Soul’s name and says: “I know you. I love you. I am you.” Then lean into this tree. Feel yourself drawn closer, embraced in the bark of this generous, loving Creation that breathes out the most delicious flavor of oxygen you have ever imagined for you to inhale. Feel the oldness of its bark and the softness of its leaves. Feel the voice of this tree wrap you up in its soothing songs. This is your family tree. This is the tree that nourishes your roots, your waters, since its original birth from the Mother tree herself. Now feel yourself as a part of this tree. Perhaps you are a piece of bark. Perhaps you are a leaf that turns with the winds. Perhaps you are a branch holding up smaller limbs. Perhaps you are all of these things. One with the Great Tree that is your family. Perhaps you will see other family members there. Your parents, siblings, children. Perhaps you will see family members from other places, other lifetimes. Perhaps you will feel your own essence in other forms. Know that you are One with the Great Tree that is humanity. Now feel yourself inhaling the essence of the Tree and with each exhalation make an offering to your Family Tree. Make an offering of Love, of compassion, of allowingness for each and every part of this tree. Know that you ARE each and every part of this tree. And as you exhale Love, compassion, and allowingness, feel the Tree grow stronger. Feel the roots deepen and brighten with Light. Feel the song of the Tree grow more resonant, more Soul-full, more joyous. And with each inhalation accept the blessings of the Tree itself. Accept the gratitude of your Family Tree as your love, your compassion, and your blessings, make its leaves more vibrant, its soil more fertile, and its limbs stronger.  

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

Stone & Bone (Part 8) – Linking with the Ancestors

There are numerous ways to connect with our ancestors. The most basic, and effective, is simply talking with them. Open yourself to conversation with those who have already passed, whether you knew them or not. Opening a dialogue with our ancestors shows we are receptive to their wisdom and are willing to offer healing backwards to them. Once that space is opened, they will often speak in dreams, insights, and in the quiet reflections that feel deep as your bones.

Opening a space for the Ancestors

Choose a night that feels appropriate. Halloween is a traditional time for honoring the Dead. The moon in Scorpio or a waning to dark moon phase is also appropriate, but any time that feels needful is fine. If you knew the ancestor with whom you wish to connect, choose something he liked, a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, as an offering and honoring of her life. If you have a photograph, hold it near your heart for a time, and speak heartfelt words of memory. The memory may or may not be a “happy” one but allow it to come from your lips. Know the Mother supports you below and the Father breathes love into you from above. Know you are made of Light and Breath, and as such are completely safe and empowered and strong. Any emotions that come up are presenting themselves to be healed through the shared empathic nexus between you and your ancestor. Spend time opening this space, and, if you wish, tell your ancestor you wish to share for awhile, to learn from his life experiences, and to heal the things she imprinted in you that have not yet been healed. Hold onto impressions, insights, and experiences by journaling or giving them voice to another. In all things, it is important to hold the intention to heal.

We do not connect to the dead for chills and thrills but rather out of respect for the wisdom of our elders and that the continuity of our tribal memory is maintained in ourselves.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

Stone & Bone (Part 7) – Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

Light is crystallized Love sung on the Mist’s breath

Creation is process

It did not happen once upon a time

All time is the beginning of time

All time is the end of time

When we die we are given to Earth, most often by burial or cremation. Our dust merges with the sediment of Stone and we connect with the ancient ones. And so we think of the realms of the Dead as existing beneath the surface, deep in the womb of our Mother. When we connect to our dead it is through the shared continuity of bone calling to bone. Ancestral healing is the deep work required to clear the blocks, diseases, and fears passed down from one generation to the next.

Why is ancestral healing important?

  1. Too often our relationships with parents, children, and siblings are colored by judgment, fear, and pain based in symbolic memories rather than the reality of the moment. Ancestral healing offers an opportunity to step out of such ways of being.
  2. We are the product of our lineage and if we wish to be fully present and healthy, it is important we embrace where we came from, however painful it may be at points.
  3. We are at the beginning of a new post-2012 cycle. The less “baggage” we have on us as the next cycle is born, the less traumatic the transition.
  4. Some people are literally the alpha and omega of their family lines in this beginning of a new life cycle of the Earth. We are here to bring everything full circle. We are the snake searching for its tail. Ancestral healing allows us to embrace our entire family tree.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston