Suit of Stones – Four

Once you’ve created a life of purpose in which the Soul is encouraged to sing its own Song you may reach a state of comfortable stability. The dreaming, hard-work, and integrity paid off and you have achieved a sense of security. Congratulations! It is time to take a vacation, invest in someone else’s future, explore expansion and growth, and just relax a little bit. Unfortunately, the danger of such hard-earned stability is that it can easily be turned by the spirit of greed. You’ve worked hard, accomplished something, and now need a good rest. And so the inclination may be to hold on to what you’ve earned and keep your resources close. This can, of course, be perfectly appropriate. The Four of Stones teaches us to secure our boundaries, make rules, and keep our foundations stable. It is of vital importance to learn how to make appropriate boundaries in life so that we are not blown over by the next big wind. Our boundary-making becomes tainted, though, when we lock ourselves inside our boundaries, refusing to share that which we’ve earned. Whenever we enter a space of stability we must first give thanks for what we have and then look around to make sure that we’re not holding on inappropriately to anything in our lives. This includes resources, relationships, ideas, and anything else we may start to think of as “our own.” When we create, we are participating in Holy alchemy, which is dynamic. Whenever we hoard we create an energetic stasis, which will have to be adjusted for somewhere else in our lives.
Resources – financial, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual – are meant to be free-flowing and dynamic. While it is absolutely appropriate to save for a rainy day, enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and secure our foundations, these practical considerations may be tainted by underlying anxiety and fear of losing what we’ve worked for. When these factors are our motivating forces then all the stability in the world won’t make us feel safe. No matter how many houses we may own or investment bankers are managing our assets, we still struggle with security. Greed is the crystalized fear of starvation and it is the demon of our age. When we hold back and hoard out of fear we participate in this demonic influence.

  1. What makes many of those who have the most security seem the most fearful to lose it?

  2. What makes you feel safe? Have you ever felt absolutely secure? What do you imagine could make you feel secure? Is your sense of stability related to financial independence? Or is it related to something more spiritual or abstract? If it is financial, then is it a certain amount of money in the bank account? Is there ever “enough” to make you feel secure?

  3. When you have been in a space of feeling lack in your life, what is your natural instinct? Is it to hold back and conserve? Or is it to expand outward? Light follows thought. Explore the bodily sensory emotion of both of these options. How does it feel to hold back in your body? How does it feel to expand in your body? Which state do you think is more natural to generating more wisdom, wealth, and joy?

  4. Now step beyond financial considerations and think on other resources. Where may you hoard in your life? Knowledge? Intimacy? Kindness? Time? Look at your relationships and with whom and when you are most generous. The path of Wisdom requires us to look unflinchingly at all aspects of our life. Understand it is important to secure your boundaries and maintain your spaces but it is also important to know when that appropriate maintenance turns to fear.

If the four of Stone appears in your spread, congratulations! You have achieved a sense of stability. Now it’s time to make sure your boundaries are secure so that you may enjoy your stability. Now beware of holding back out of fear of losing what you’ve worked for. Check to make sure you aren’t hiding behind thick castle walls, counting your gold coins while those around you starve. Remember we must give to get and spend to earn. Dynamic flow is required for abundance in all things.

© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

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