Stone & Bone (Part 6) – The Nature of Bone

Structurally bones are, like Stone, very much alive. They are nourished by blood, innervated by the nervous system. They grow and cooperate with the rest of the larger organism. They adapt to stress, bleed when broken, and heal from cracks and fractures. Bones, like Stone, are far from static. They each have their own function within the body and share their wisdom with the whole.
We can extrapolate the esoteric function of bones through their practical functions. The human skeletal system has many jobs:

  1. The first job of the skeleton is to give structure to the human body. A house is not solid without a firm foundation, walls, and a roof. Without the skeleton the body is a pile of relatively soft tissue. Esoterically bones give context to our lives. They hold our memory and link us to the ancestors. Our family, tribe, past, and memory are the foundation for who we are and how we frame our existence.

  1. The second job is to protect the soft inner organs. Without the sternum and rib cage the heart and lungs are exposed and vulnerable. Esoterically our bones, the skeletal framework, keep us from being so energetically wide-open that we are unprotected from the world around us. Our heart is a very sacred place that connects us to the greater heartbeat of Earth, Stars, and to other beings. If we leave it wide open without the protective rib cage we could not manage our links to others and would be literally bled dry.

  1. The third job is to cooperate with the muscles to allow movement. Through the intricate system of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles the body moves through space. We carry our tribal and ancestral links with us in our very bones so we do not have to stay rooted to one place. We are able to translate our experiences to different geographical locations and times because we carry them within us. We are meant to move through time and space. The skeletal system records that movement and helps facilitate it.


© 2013 Heather D. Eggleston

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