Cleansing (Part 1)


“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” – William Blake

To maintain our energetic integrity we must remain aware of our personal light. This means that we must be strong and consistent in our personal cleansing practices. Practical day to day living puts us in contact with myriad contaminants physical and energetic. Therefore it is important we leave space in our lives to cleanse those poisons away and maintain the unique flavor of our own light distilled. Cleansing removes the energetic scent of others and rids us of most attachments. It is most important that particularly sensitive people, energy workers, and anyone who works closely with others take their cleansing practices very seriously. How we choose to cleanse is personal, but there are a number of tradi- tional practices that many have found useful for hundreds to thousands of years.

The best and most powerful forms of cleansing are those which take us into the natural world. A dip in the salty waters of mother ocean or communion within the hollowed out trunk of an ancient redwood cleanses, purifies, and protects more effectively than anything else we could possibly imagine. Soaking in the light of the full moon is perhaps the most potent cleanse I know. The cleansing practices suggested below echo the power of the great natural cleanses to engage us on an elemental level. We are elemental beings made of bone, water, heat, and mist. Earth, water, fire, and air. When we cleanse we commune with these elemental forces, clearing away the residue of “civilized” living to remind ourselves of our wild and dynamic power within the All.

4 thoughts on “Cleansing (Part 1)

  1. Angel says:

    Oh thank you for this lovely reminder,a full moon dip in mother is calling me.

  2. kaycers says:

    I bathe my tarot cards in moonlight but never thought to bathe myself! Can’t wait until the next full moon! Are there any good mantras/prayers/affirmations especially good for moon bathing?

    • heather712 says:

      oooo… great question. When I moon bathe I try to keep myself quiet (ha!) and listen to what she has to say.

      I’m sure everyone’s experience is different but I hear a chorus of female voices in the moon. It is as if she somehow holds a presence of ancestral women – strong, wise, challenging, and always loving. When I feel most confused, worn down and out she has never failed to shift my perspective and recharge my trust. 🙂

      Happy Bathing!

      • kaycers says:

        Thank you for the response! Being quiet is a challenge for me! I will do my best and I’ll listen for what she has to tell me. Thank you again!

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