Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 8)

M – Resonates to 13/4; Manifestation; The cycle of creation and destruction; up and down the mountain. The M is the letter of motherhood (and of the mother herself). In original Semitic language the ‘M’ was the symbol for Water and the principle idea is we are all born of Water (the embryonic fluids). And so M (and its inverted W) is both the waters and the earth (both the feminine elements) and we walk the mountains as we ride the waves of existence. The shadow of M is an exact reflection of itself (as with H). So M is Mother/Matter and it goes on and on, replicating itself, shadowing itself, and complete within itself.

M-ah, M-aa, M-ae, M-eh, M-ee, M-I, M-i, M-oh, M-uh, M-oy. Ma is the oldest, most universal word for Mother. Maa-ternal. Mary. Mara. Mar (the Sea). Me denotes the self in manifestation (as opposed to the monad as I). My. Maia. Mai. Month. Menses. Moon. Mother.

N – Resonates to 14/5; Perfect balance of masculine and feminine; mirror images; the balancing of different forms; balance of emotion and mind. In Phoenician the N was fish, which is in our astrological glyphs is Pisces. Like Pisces N reflects itself in the waters of M. N also is the sound of negation. When we are born out of the embryonic mothering fluids we must learn to differentiate ourselves and N forces us to do that. N with its mirroring tricks us into self-awareness and knowing. N teaches us who we are by showing us who we are not. As we follow the Socratic dictate to “Know Ourselves” we embrace the power of Narcississ who fell in love with his own Nature (his shadow reflection) to be pulled back into the Piscean waters and learned his own Numinous Name.

N-ah, N-aa, N-ae, N-eh, N-ee, N-I, N-i, N-oh, N-uh, N-oy. Native, Nature, Nay, Not, No, Nin, Naught. My nature is fished from the sea of Oneness with nets of nots. I am not my mother, father, sister, political persuasion, etc. I become more than a reflection and embrace the whole.

O is the wholeness from which we are born and to which we return. It is the womb and tomb and the Oh-ceanic reality. It is the Sphere. 🙂 It is self-enclosed and private and enigmatic. It resonates to 15/6 and so it offers boundaries to those within its heart.

P – Resonates to 16/7; Halving the whole; diagnostics; seeing the pieces of the whole. P is half of B and in many languages it is pronounced as ‘B’. But in English we have P, which is oftentimes silent (as in (pneumatics, pneumonia) and the P denotes something learned and detailed. It is as if it says: pay attention, this is complicated. Start thinking, diagnosing, etc. There is something to be parsed here. When P is voiced it is with a part of B (a particulate who participates). P is half a B (the twins) and so the intellect of seven is called into place to define the terms. The shadow is a simple reflection but when placed together you have a sphere with a line drawn through it, dividing the whole to divine the whole. This is an oracular power, a potential, and a purpose. It is by seeing the pieces of the whole we can playfully pursue our paths.

P-ah, P-aa, P-ae, P-eh, P-ee, P-I, P-i, P-oh, P-uh, P-oy. Pater (father) is part of Ma-tter. We must pay the piper as we pursue our paths. We parse the parts on the pie-chart.

Q – 17/8; The tail; The shadow of power; knowing one’s own shadow and carrying it close. Q is the tail extending from the great whole. It is the shadow of the whole (and the idea of separation from the whole) yet it is inherently attached and cannot be otherwise. So the shadow of Light that extends into the depths. Its sound is reminiscent of K (and C) and is only voiced in combination with U (Qu) as in quill, quit, quiet, quark, quarrel and so on. So the Q shadows the O and then is followed by the U who holds everything within. OQU has the Whole with its shadow being held in the chalice of the Holy. We only find the Grail when we face the shadow.

R – 18/9 – Rays of the Sun; benevolence and absolute power. This is the I sending out Light and is associated with all things Regal, Royal, and Kingly. Rex, Resurrection, Renewal. Ra, of course, is the solar God from which so much of the later kingly iconography was adopted. The original Semitic symbol meant ‘head’ (or Crown). Place the shadow R and the glyph is a crown on the kingly head. Resonating to 9 this is the crown of the benevolent royal one who was once not just the secular ruler but also a personal aspect of the Divine. Divine rule/law is bestowed via the R.

R-ah, R-aa, R-ae, R-eh, R-ee, R-I, R-i, R-oh, R-uh, R-oy. Of the vowel sounds most are regal. Ra, Ray, Rex, Regulatory, Royal.

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