Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 7)

I is the line of the Soul. It is the presence of being after having been birthed from the great O. It is no accident that I is the word we wind our purpose around as the article of self-knowledge. The I is the monad and the soul itself. Also remember it resonates to the number 9 in English so it is the fulfillment of the human cycle. This is the symbol of the ego elevated.

J – Resonates to 10/1; The taking of the higher ego and returning it to service above. I and J were depicted as the same letter. J takes the ego elevated and turns itself up toward God. J is devotional and makes an offering of itself. Jesus. Jehovah. Jupiter. Juno. It is recognition within a human of their divine origin. The shadow of J keeps its tail in the world and so it is both human and divine (God and man) and appears to be a fish hook (fishers of men) or the roots of the world tree.

J tones with the vowels. J-ah, J-aa, J-ae, J-eh, J-ee, J-I, J-i, J-oh, J-uh, J-oy. Jah is a name for God (translated as the lord). Jesus/Joseph. Justice. Joy.

K – Resonates to 11; The higher ego sending itself out to others; Benevolence; the Boddhisatva path. K is fundamentally giving. The I sends from its heart in K. Its origin was the Semitic symbol for the open hand. The K and its shadow come together to create an asterisk or star. Resonating to 11 this Star is one who chooses to give of itself rather than returning to the heavens.

The sound of K was absorbed by the consuming C. K-ah, K-aa, K-ae, K-eh, K-ee, K-I, K-i, K-oh, K-uh, K-oy. Ka is the Egyptian word for the vital essence/spark that was breathed into them at the moment of birth. Key is an important symbol word. K itself is the key that unlocks the I from its monadic (self-centered) reality. K (service) is the Key.

L – Resonates to 12/3; The “I” lending itself to the earth. It is associated with the Divine masculine (as is R, which was originally the same letter to the Egyptians). Both L and R denote “Lord”. It is the masculine definite article “El” and it is the Hebrew sound that means “of the lord” Micha-el, Gabri-el, Rapha-el, Uri-el. El-ohim. In Arabic this shifts to “Al”. Al-lah, Al-ladin. These are the emanations of masculine power. The feminine “Lady” simply shifts and becomes “La” (the twin of El). The glyph of the L and its shadow is perfect balance.

L-ah, L-aa, L-ae, L-eh, L-ee, L-I, L-i, L-oh, L-uh, L-oy. This is great fun. Laelia was an angel of the dark, related to Lady Lillith who would shift into an ow-L. To reverse the sounds we have and Ah-l and Eh-l. And so Lilith becomes the shadow of El and was banished from Eden for refusing to lie beneath Adam and yet for us to achieve stability we must heed both El, whose name is on the angels, and Lil, who is the Mother of demons. Now add the breath of ‘H’ to El and we have Hel, the feminine name of mistress of the Underworld who opens her arms to all for healing.

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