Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 6)

E is the line of “I” with principle pathways sending out. This is the symbol and magic of incarnation and experience. When you see an I you have an identity and the E is the identity (Soul) sending itself out into various pathways. Those pathways dream themselves into different forms and yet are always connected to the I.

F – Resonates to 6; The drawing down of experience and limiting of options. It is a reaction to the many changes within the bold E, who sends itself out and out. F draws back and (f)ocuses on one or two paths. F is the letter for family, which is associated with 6. The shadow F is the denial of (f)aith (known as (f)utility and the combination is the sigil for the world tree itself (the cross).

F is a soft sound that has to force breath through the teeth and lips. It is not bold on its own but takes shape with other sounds. Hold the sound ‘f’. F-ah, F-aa, F-ae, F-eh, F-ee, F-I, F-i, F-Oh, F-oo, F-uh, F-oy. Fah is the beginning of the word Father and holds a feeling of being held in check. Fae is (of course) a word used for the Otherworldly shining ones. The Fa-tae were the Fates who were present at the birth and death of each child. The great mothers who were midwives between the realms.

G – Resonates to 7: Draws the secrets of C back into itself. C is the feminine moony curve and I is the line of the Soul. G synthesizes these two images connecting (and cradling) the Soul in the embrace of the mysterious moon. G connects the Soul to the mysteries. The shadow of G (like the aspects of C) is the waxing G in which the secrets grow and the Soul takes in more and more light, growing towards an O. The G sigil is the personal cycle of waxing and waning. It connects us to all the cycles.

G has its own hard sound (and in Grace) but also shares a sound with J (as in gene). But as a seven resonant sound it is idiosyncratic and distinct. Hold the sound ‘g’. G-ah, G-aa, G-ae, G-eh, G-ee, G-I, G-i, G-Oh, G-oo, G-uh, G-oy. Gaea or Gaia or Ge is the Greek Goddess sound. She is the Goddess of the Earth’s soul and so is the manifestation of mystery. Gahd is such a sound. The manifestation of the great Ah closed by the Door of manifestation. Grace Grows where we Green. G is where we connect to the mysterious.

H – Resonates to 8; The power of the ladder to the Heavens and back. Jacob’s ladder. H is the ladder of 11 with a step. And so it is literally the letter that connects us to the heavens. H is the letter of breath and as such it is used to denote the sacred. Holy, hierophant, hieroglyphic, Hera. H is not so much the first letter as an indicator that whatever follows has been infused with Breath. 8, of course, is infinity and H is the ladder to infinity. The shadow of H is identical to H. As above, so below.

H is pure breath and as such it does not have voice without other sounds following it. H-ah, H-aa, H-ae, H-eh, H-ee, H-I, H-i, H-oh, H-uh, H-oy. Hel, Heaven, Hate, Holy. Heal. All is blessed.

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