Symbolism & Sound: The Alphabet as Sacred Script (part 3)

Sacred geometry! Before we talk about the shapes of the symbols we must review sacred geometry in connection to numerology.

O Wholeness is a point (or sphere)

1 is a line (initiation)

2 are two connecting lines (balance)

3 is a triangle (creation)

4 is a square (stability)

5 is a pentagon (change)

6 is a star of david (harmony)

7 is a seven pointed star (mystery)

8 is an octagon (power)

9 is the triplicity (love)

11 is the ladder to the stars and back

22 is the mysteries manifest

So now remove your intellect and let’s look at the numbers as shapes only and see what they tell us about themselves. Remember these symbols are not static. They are 3-dimensional, movable, and are filled with Light and Breath and as such they should be turned around, played with, and will give us insight as we play.

O/0 and I/1 are the only two symbols that have dual-usage in the English glyphs.

0 is the Sphere. It is that which embraces everything bright and dark and all paths lead to it. It is the Mother of the celestial orbs. It is the point from which everything is born and it is completely whole and the embrace of the All. It is the womb and tomb. It is entering the unknown. It is the round and as such the feminine who receives everything.

It is an OH-pening. The O is an oh-pening to the great Divine just as the Mother is an Opening to the earth and to the stars. She opens the doors.

The sound: (z) eh (r) oh

eh – the divine outpouring over the waters

oh – the embrace of the Mother

I/1 is the line. The line is the beginning of self-actualization and the masculine thrust into and out of the feminine womb. 1 is the number of the phallus and potentiation. Its magic is the ability to draw boundaries and mark territories. It is the beginning of power as an active force in the world. It marks the birth and beginning of the soul’s journey. Osiris/Jospeh. Fire.

1 is the boundary between this world and that. When the father thrusts through to manifestation via the Oh-pening of the Mother he begins to lay down the laws of a natural order. This is the beginning of the law-making and the first boundary line. This is the veil.

The sound: (w) Uh (n)

Uh – The sound of eternity, imminence and destiny

2 – Reintroduces the feminine to the masculine line with her curvaceous touch. Remember two is about balance and partnership. Put a mirror image next to the 2 and what do you see? A heart on a stable line. Isis/Mary. Water.

The sound: t (oo)

The listener, the echo

2 begins duality. The monad is divided into two souls, the twins, and they are lifted into a dance of manifestation. From their love is born all of Creation and between them they hold the heart of things. They share one heart although they are two beings.

3 – The masculine 1 plus the feminine 2 yields the divine child, 3. Three is the creative impulse, which is magic. This is the child of promise being rocked or nursed. He is being thrust out into the world to make his mark. Horus/Jesus. Air.

Within three is the breath of blessing from the two. They send out their mist and bless the world with the promise of multiplicity. Three mixes breath and light to create. Three is the first spoken word from which all else is born.

The sound: (thr) ee

Vitalization and pulsing

4 – 4 is the balancing of the energy of 3 in which the creative potential is grounded, made useful, and becomes formed. And so the symbol is squared/closed and the energy is harnessed. Earth.

Four is the beginnings of life itself. This is where actual manifestation occurs. The heart of humanity is born here and the actual form of the group mind and those empathic nexus routes are here in four.

The sound: (f) uh (r)

imminence, holding destiny

5 – Like a rocking chair, 5 finds its balance in movement. It rocks on the fulcrum of its base, gaining momentum from its own movement to breathe new life into that which it faces.

Five sends itself out into experiences, adventures, and many forms. It is rhythm. It is rocking and rolling! It is the drum-beat that makes us move and dance. It is creative fiery impulses and the energy to follow through on them.

6 – The thrusting line wraps into itself as it instantly transforms into the feminine round. The music of family, dreams, and purposeful living are held within the six. This is the holding of the masculine seed within the feminine womb.

Six wants to wrap herself around everything and so she creates a sacred space to do this. She is all about space and making spaces and opening spaces and dreaming spaces. She holds her spaces in her embrace and is the O in form.

The sound: (s) i (x)

Teaches giving, benevolent, Queen

7 – Seven, like the lightening bolt, reaches down to the Earth and back up to the sky. It is a penetrating number. It brings the mysteries of the sky down to earth and up again. It does not create but it transmutes and makes the transcendent imminent.

7 wants to know! 7 is the mysteries brought into form. It is the 1 in form who is always reaching and stretching back to the stars. 7 is the bridge between the sky and the ground. The stars and the earth. This is why seven is the warrior-priest. He knows the mysteries and dies to them. The number of the twice born.

The sound: s (eh) v (eh) n

The desire to actively bless

8 – Eight is the symbol of infinity. It is two spheres interconnecting in a rhythmic embrace. Recall eight is the number of power and true power comes when one realizes she is embraced by the whole and then begins to participate by embracing the whole back.

Eight has died to the mysteries and now embraces them and is embraced by them. She is the balance of inner and outer work. She balances the orbs of the sun and the moon in her flowing arms and as such becomes power manifest.

The sound: ae (t)

The practical priest, the grounded primal sigh

9 – 9 is the six reversed. As six holds her sacred space within her; nine pours his sacred space without. This is the spilling of the seed rather than the holding of the seed. This is the sexual act from the male perspective in which he sends himself out as a gift to humanity.

The sound: (n) I (n)

One who gives; the ego elevated

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