The Devil of the Tarot

The Devil (tarot card 15) is the Shadow. When we fragment; separate off the parts of us we don’t think are good enough, worthy enough, or “of the Light enough,” we essentially disown them. They then become our shadows. These shadows can take on a life of their own as emotional outbursts, negative fantasies, fears, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, and so on. Eventually they may become thought forms that take on their own lives that become “demons.” These are the beings that often oppress and sometimes possess us.

The devil is the person that acts as the Shadow to us. All the things we repress, fear, and find loathsome (although oftentimes seductive) take form in the Devil.

The Devil always shows up at the crossroads of our lives to offer a bargain. I’ll give you this once of you’ll give me this twice. His bargains are always tricky and they always point out what we fundamentally fear (and thereby what we fundamentally value). And so when we dance with the devil at the crossroads we always end up a different person somehow.

Now remember we cannot be bright without being dark and so the Devil offers us the opportunity to look at our darkness, swallow it, and transform ourselves into more holy beings for it. Jesus walked with the devil in the desert and returned to his ministry powerful and resolved. The devil guides us through the dark night of the Soul and by morning our fears no longer have the hold they once did. Once we dance with the devil it is possible to reclaim the power we’ve breathed into him. 

3 thoughts on “The Devil of the Tarot

  1. kaycers says:

    Very insightful! I wonder if a meditation/visualization activity with the card would allow this sort of “walk”?

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