Astrology of the Shadow (part 2)

Now, after reviewing the sun sign positive aspects we look to their shadows, which are opposite the bright signs of native birth. We cannot look to the brightness of our opposition signs but to their dark, hidden sides (of which each one has plenty!).

Aries – The shadow of Aries (the shadow of Libra) is unbridled rage, who rails at the injustices of their world and of their lives without effecting positive change. Childishness, unbridled egotism, and selfishness run free in the shadow of Aries.

Taurus – The shadow of Taurus (which lives in Scorpio) is sensuality for its own sake and without sacred context. Using and abusing for one’s own purpose shadows Taurus’ value on the body and its pleasures. The shadow Taurus accumulates pleasures and wealth for its acquisitive purposes without regard for the ethics surrounding gain. Greed and jealousy reign.

Gemini – The shadow of Gemini (which lives in Sagittarius) is avoiding responsibility while always searching out the next greatest experience. Without care or commitment for those it touches the shadow of Gemini is fickle, insensitive, and purely whimsical in love and life. Refusing to commit, love em and leave em, the shadow never learns to feel enough to care.

Cancer – The shadow of Cancer, which lives in Capricorn, cares more for security and safety than it does for anything else. Greedy, filled with avarice, secrets, and controlling, this shadow side refuses to budge unless it feels innate gain for itself. It derives security from getting its own way and controlling those within its influence.

Leo – The shadow of Leo lives in Aquarius. It exalts itself in its isolation, discrimination, and self-reliance. It refuses to connect and so keeps itself in a state of egoic being in which no one can truly touch it because it finds itself so superior to others as to not even speak the same language. Such a being truly would enjoy its own company more than the love of others.

Virgo – The shadow of Virgo lives in Pisces. This shadow is the co-dependent, addict, and delusional person who divides so far into others that she can no longer find herself. She loses track of her own individualizing characteristics and drowns in a madness of her own making. She cannot offer herself as healer-priest to others because she has not found the instruments of her own healing.

Libra – The shadow is Libra is Aries. This shadow is insecure and frightened of anyone’s initiative but his own. His creative power is spilled into his own hand rather than into the possibilities of a shared space. Childish and egoic he is prone to tantrums, self-serving dramas, and bruised egos. He is punishing to those who “wrong” him and demanding of attention.

Scorpio – The shadow of Scorpio is in Taurus.  This shadow is stubborn and refuses to bend no matter what its intractability is doing to those around it.  It allows its obsessions to filter its experiences of everything and simply will not let go.  It feels misunderstood and that the world is against it and so it can fall into a pit of rage, despair, and torment.

Sagittarius – The shadow of Sagittarius is Gemini. Fickle and quick moving he refuses to commit to anyone. He spreads himself so thin he has nothing left for those who love him. He moves faster than light but becomes an excuse for never completing anything and for fear-ridden behavior. He jumps at the shadows he creates in his own mind.

Capricorn – The shadow of Capricorn is Cancer. This shadow finds a hole into which he falls in order to feel safe. He secures his borders, builds a fall out shelter, and buries himself deep within. He allows nothing into his space that has not been poison-tested, purified, and Good Housekeeping approved. If he cannot control it, it does not exist. And so becomes trapped in his own safety.

Aquarius – The shadow of Aquarius is Leo. Rather than connecting to the All and holding the greater good as primary she sinks into pure egotism. If she is not the best than she refuses to play, taking her toys and running home. She is insufferably arrogant, refusing to see her own flaws in any way. She is the homecoming queen gone wrong.

Pisces – The shadow of Pisces lives in Virgo. Extremely judgmental, analytical, and simply bitchy she thinks she knows what is right for everyone without actually looking within to her own foibles. He is arrogant, frustrating, and small minded. The world is only as large as he and his own have experienced and everything else is suspect and wrong.

As sun sign natives we must be wary of falling into the negative aspects of our sign but they will present themselves in fairly obvious ways through our lives. The shadow is more subtle. We are less inclined to look at the negative aspects of another sign for our own traits. Really delving deep into the shadow of our opposites will illuminate secrets we have readily kept for ourselves. Interestingly you may well notice some of the shadow traits are things you have secretly feared about yourself. Doing an honest assessment of where you allow the shadow part power will also allow you to feel the power of healing.

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