Symbols & Reiki – Cho Ku Rei (part 4)

Cho Ku Rei

sing me to the center and I will dance a world for you

we are the Dreamers


The first of the three symbols is Cho Ku Rei. An elegant symbol, it is often translated as “put the power here” and is known as the Power symbol. Cho Ku Rei is a staff that connects to a curve and rapidly spins into a labyrinthine spiral. As mentioned earlier, in sacred geometry lines are masculine and curves are feminine. Lines are the marching linearity of time and curves are the landscape of embodied space. The power symbol is the masculine thrust of the Father into the oceanic whirlpool of the Mother and the point at which they they join together power is birthed. Often called the light switch, this magnificently creative symbol pulls down generative masculine principle and weaves it into balanced form. This symbol points to the generative Powers joining together to create form.

Cho Ku Rei features a inward spinning spiral. Spirals by their very nature wind and unwind. As the energy of the masculine staff touches the feminine curve the energy winds into itself to culminate at a specific ending point. That point is the place that the power settles, the child, so to speak. When working with Cho Ku Rei keep in mind that you are concentrating Universal Light to place it in a specific place at a moment of time. You are saying: “put the power here” or “power is embodied here.” The specificity of that placement opens up possibilities for extremely positive manifestation. You may place concentrated Reiki in your hands, on the crown of your guest, in the doorway of a room, or in the heart of a municipality. But each time you do so you are weaving together the primary forces to create an embodiment of Light.

Attuned to solid light, Cho Ku Rei is the manifestation of the great primary masculine and feminine placed into a specific time and space, which is exactly what we are as solid beings. Cho Ku Rei is concentrated Light just as we in our temple forms are concentrated light. This makes Cho Ku Rei the great physical healer. So, like the fixed astrological signs, Cho Ku Rei is a masterful diagnostician and healer of solid light. Whenever you or a guest is having physical disease Cho Ku Rei will direct Light into the disharmonious places, breaking through the disturbances with its formidable will.

Because of Cho Ku Rei’s specificity it is extremely good at creating and maintaining boundaries. When Cho Ku Rei holds a space it is with a no-nonsense firmness blended with the flexibility of kindness. Allowing Cho Ku Rei to guard your door protects you for deep healing within.

The labyrinth in Cho Ku Rei, arguably the most familiar of the five traditional Reiki symbols, also offers a template for the healer’s journey. When the breath of Ki is placed into the hands of the newly attuned initiate she steps into a labyrinth. Through the healing process her personal light is distilled and refined, becoming more and more concentrated, more powerful. And at the (theoretical) end of the labyrinth the healer fully embodies Light within her form.  

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