Sacred Sexuality (part 2)

Once upon a time there was a day without night and while the world was very beautiful, wrapped in the incandescence of light, it was so unceasing as to seem sometimes cruel. There were no secrets, no closed eyes, all was open and visible, mystery impossible. Too bright, too demanding, too relentless. And because there was no night there was no shadow nor variation, no rest from the screaming lights of constant morning. And because there was no night to hold balance to the day after some time the people were always weary and seeing became tiresome. They wished to close their ever-open eyes and so they prayed and asked for respite. They asked that they may sometimes fall into a sleep in which they would lose themselves for a time. So the Ancient Ones considered this request. If we give the people rest then things will change, they said. If we give the people a time to close their eyes they will forget and what damage can they do when they are forgetful? The Ancient Ones could not foretell every detail yet they shuddered to think what could be hidden if the day was replaced with something darker. Yet they have prayed this, and they do look tired. What shall we do? One Ancient One stepped forward, bowed its head, and said: “Perhaps I am unwise yet I will go into this world. I will hold a space between us, being the Alpha and Omega we will be the beginnings of this new world, this world of two-ness. And I will breathe ourself into this space and when it is time to return we will return ourself to one.” The other Ancient Ones nodded their heads and allowed. And so the Ancient One dreamed a world in which there was day and night. And then it kissed its Dream, sending its breath into the Dream. And then the Dream kissed the Ancient One and they were two yet one was giving and the other receiving as they passed the kiss of creation back and forth. Breath and Light they cycled together. One by day, the other by night, holding within them all of Creation. The Ancient One is the Sun and the Moon. The Day and the Night. Father and Mother. Yet they are one; they are two. Between them we are the children they Dreamed.  

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