The Lovers

The Lovers (6) are the anima and animus. They are the dots in the yin-yang. They are the him in her and the her in him and the balance of opposites. Taken as one unit they are the whole before separation. Yet they are plural so we cannot take them as one unit. We must see them as their own selves.

The Lovers see Divinity in the other and as such they offer mirrors to each other. It is said we can only know our wonderful natures in the eyes of another. The reflection of our beauty in their eyes offers an insight into how beautiful the Parents find us. Our presence in the life of another is a miracle and all Love is a gift. And so this Archetype is the divine Lover who is led to mystical union via passionate embrace with another. So, in some way or form, the Beloved is always God. The poetry we write for the object of our affection is religious poetry. The mystical union is with the Divine in the form of the Other. It is when we forget this that we fall into the melodramas of relationship politics.

So the Lover asks us to step outside of being “in love” and asks us to actually be Love. We are pushed to embody Love in every breath and every moment (after all, we’re made of the stuff). Our relationships with others are opportunities to do this both in our reactions to them and in the way we treat ourselves through our relationships.

Is this action loving both to me and to the Other? Am I living in a loving way? How do I love myself? How do I love others? Remember we are as much an embodiment of the Divine as those we meet each day.

Love is expansive and does not limit itself. The Lover, too, is expansive and vulnerable. Like Aphrodite Love is born from oceanic emotion. And like all waters Love flows naturally where it is welcomed.

It is impossible to truly Love another if you are not in love with yourself. And so any love relationship is a love affair with the self, which is why so many are fraught with tangles and insecurities.

Remember everything is sex. The dance of energies between the sun on the earth’s skin and the breath we exhale out for the trees to breath in are intricate webs of sexuality. And so the Lover is the personification of all this. She is the owner of this dynamic play between energy and brings into herself the abundance of the Universe and sends out the expansiveness of her own abundance. It is when she feels lack in herself and forgets to drink in the energies around her that she becomes stingy and jealous and the “Lover scorned.”  In this face he is obsessive, egotistical, and dangerous. Energy must be free-flowing in order to be Love and the Lover, in whichever face, is here to remind us.

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