Herbal First Aid Kit

Herbal/Essential Oil First Aid


First Aid Kit

Aspirin or white willow bark (High fevers, pain)

Bandages & Compresses

Colloidal silver (cleansing, prevent infection)

Rubbing alcohol to sterilize tweezers

charcoal tablets


Carrier oil of choice (grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba blend)

Aloe vera gel for burns (add lavender, chamomile, and witch hazel for spritz)

Arnica infusion oil for bruising and pain (use only externally and on unbroken skin)

Castor oil – Compresses for localized healing


Essential oils

Lavender – Burns, prevent infection, bug bites, heal skin and nervous system (OK to use neat)

Eucalyptus – Sinus congestion, colds, flu

Clove – Antibacterial, analgesic for tooth pain

Peppermint – nausea, cramping, analgesic

Tea tree – anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial preventative for colds/flu (OK to use neat)

Wintergreen – analgesic for severe pain (use with discernment)



Chamomile – Insomnia and anxiety, good for upset tummies

Peppermint – Drink for nausea & upset tummy; Cold compress for headache/sinus)

Garlic – Antimicrobial! Start eating (make a soup) at first indications of a cold; helps with yeast infections

Ginger – Chew on ginger root or take as tea for upset tummy; soothes menstrual cramps; Ginger bath to reduce body/muscle aches (Add the tea to your bath)

Cayenne pepper – Stops bleeding, flu preventative, systemic tonic

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