The Green Heart (by Heather Eggleston)

When we think of the Green we think of the way the trees in a forest connect to each other through their roots and how their leaves speak to each other without words. We think of how the roots pass nourishment one to the next. We think of how the human body speaks through the trees of the body and how neurotransmitters pass information to each organ fluidly and with precision.

When we think of the Green remember a willingness to grow outward allows us to grow inward. Expansion and deepening connects us to the realms here and to the Mystery.

The Green connects all the worlds and realms in the steady beating of the Heart.

The Green is the heart’s home.

The Green is group heart-mind and how we connect into it. It is our personal experience of sharing ourselves with others and nourishing the spaces within us by nourishing the spaces between us. No one exists in isolation, even those who are much alone.

Alone is always a lie when you recall the Earth herself speaks.

2 thoughts on “The Green Heart (by Heather Eggleston)

  1. Aimee Wiles-Banion says:

    Beautiful 🙂

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