The Body as Deep Consciousness (part 2) by Heather Eggleston

Last night I dreamed about consciousness. The physical form is the “deep conscious.” It records the imprint of absolutely everything that happens to us. The body does not forget. Each component of the body records a particular aspect of experience.

The bones are calcified memory. The fascial tissue and muscles wrap themselves through everything to connect, protect, and bring mobility. Together the bones and muscles are collective memory moving through space in a process of constant creation.

Our waters hold emotions. They are vessels that hold within them the fluidity of experience and the moments of our joys and sorrows. Our waters are reinforced by the emotions we continuously dream into them. Peaceful seas, stormy oceans, and stagnant swamplands exist within. Our blood, sexual juices, and all the other fluids of the body are imprinted with the emotional realities in which we exist.

The fires are our inner heat, the digestive system, the spark that fuels us. When we eat we take in Light from an external source to spark our inner Light and maintain the deep conscious and the physical experience. This is the hub of incarnations.

The heart is the connecting point to the All. We connect with the Mother and each other. Each beat of the heart drums rhythm into the rest of the deep conscious of the body.

Our breath: the mists, our songs, inhales the blessing of the Universe and passes it through our inner landscapes. The respiratory system is the great Tree within who constantly purifies and recycles each Breath.  

3 thoughts on “The Body as Deep Consciousness (part 2) by Heather Eggleston

  1. Aimee Wiles-Banion says:

    Simply awesome.

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