The Body as Deep Consciousness (part 1) by Heather Eggleston

We are each and every one of us made of the primary element, which is Light.

Light is crystallized Love.

We are living manifestations of Love.

Each of us sings a particular vibration of Love and we harmonize together within the Whole. As above, so below. As without, so within. Each of our organs, our cells, sings in harmony within the Whole of the body.

Because we are made of Love (the primary emotion) we are active emotion (do not nominalize Love – it is constant Creation). The process of existence is to allow this purity to flow through us without restriction and, when we find restrictions, to breathe Love through them until we are free flowing again.

When we have a hit it is registered and then held in the deep consciousness of the physical body itself. This can cause restriction and twisting so we do not have to occupy the same spatial reality in which it originally occurred thus avoiding the full registry of related emotion. This delays the actual free flow of the emotions and the freedom of the physical body itself. Postural deviations in the body and mental defense mechanisms in the mind are the results of this “freezing.”

The physical form itself, the Temple, may be considered a microcosm of a uniquely imprinted spatial emotional reality.


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